South Australian Budget 2024-25

On Thursday 06 June 2024, Treasurer the Hon Stephen Mullighan MP delivered the 2024-25 South Australian Budget.  The 2024-25 Budget prioritises the Malinauskas Governments’ focus on housing, cost of living relief, jobs and skills, and health. The 2024-25 Budget is set in an environment of continuing high interest rates and inflation, aiming to provide additional… Continue reading South Australian Budget 2024-25

WA 2024 – 25 State Budget

On Thursday 9th May 2024, the Western Australian Labor Government handed down its eighth State Budget. The first for Treasurer, Rita Saffioti MLA.  This budget continues to deliver the Nation’s strongest economy, with a $3.2 billion operating surplus this financial year whilst still providing cost of living relief, support to the health system, transport infrastructure,… Continue reading WA 2024 – 25 State Budget

Tasmanian Shadow Cabinet

Tasmanian Shadow Cabinet and Leadership Team On Wednesday the 10th of April, Dean Winter was elected as the leader of the Tasmanian Labor Party and became the Tasmanian Opposition Leader. On Tuesday the 16th of April Winter announced his Cabinet alongside incoming Shadow Minister for Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Ella Haddad MP, and Shadow… Continue reading Tasmanian Shadow Cabinet

Reform of Merger Regulations

On Wednesday the 10th of April, Federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers MP announced changes to Australian merger regulation. At the Bannerman Competition Lecture, co-hosted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, Chalmers reinforced the need for greater transparency and increase to the ACCC’s remit.… Continue reading Reform of Merger Regulations

Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender open

colourful reflection of Canberra's new parliament building in a fontain pond at sunset.

19 December 2023 On Monday 18 December, the Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender opened for bids. This follows the announcement on 23 November of the expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme to target a total of 32 GW of new capacity nationally to be rolled out from 2024 to 2027. The tender is seeking… Continue reading Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender open

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