Code of Ethics

Hawker Britton believes it is a democratic right of individuals, groups or organisations to try to influence and inform public policy and to employ professional representatives to monitor developments and advocate their positions. Hawker Britton believes in promoting a better public understanding and appreciation of the nature, legitimacy and necessity of lobbying in our democratic process.

Hawker Britton believes it is the duty of our political consultants to monitor the activities of the institutions of government and to enable our clients to present a proposal or a case in the most effective way to the relevant institution. Our public affairs consultants will not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the reputation of Hawker Britton, its clients, or the practice of public affairs.

As such Hawker Britton consultants will:

  • not engage in any conduct that may be, or may be perceived to be, corrupt or dishonest;
  • disclose to all clients any actual or potential conflict of interest;
  • not make misleading, exaggerated or extravagant claims about the nature or extent of their ability to realise outcomes;
  • advise clients where their objectives may be illegal or unethical, and refuse to act for a client in pursuit of any such objective;
  • vigorously and diligently advance and advocate the clients’ interests;
  • respect the confidence of our clients and not reveal confidential or privileged information obtained during the professional relationship;
  • use reasonable endeavours to satisfy themselves of the truth and accuracy of all statements and information provided to clients, the wider public, governments and agencies;
  • make no appeal to government, clients or the wider community that is based on racism, sexism, religious intolerance or any form of unlawful discrimination.