Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender open

19 December 2023

On Monday 18 December, the Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender opened for bids.

This follows the announcement on 23 November of the expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme to target a total of 32 GW of new capacity nationally to be rolled out from 2024 to 2027.

The tender is seeking bids for up to 600 MW of 4-hour equivalent (or 2,400 MWh) of dispatchable capacity.

Projects must be located in South Australia or Victoria and have a minimum storage duration of 2 hours and a minimum size of 30 MW.

This tender intends to allocate:

  • 800 MWh to SA.
  • 800 MWh to Vic.
  • an additional 800 MWh allocated to either SA or Vic.

The tender is merit-based and will progress in 2 stages:

  1. Stage A – Project bids (closing on 5pm AEDT, 23 February 2024).
  2. Stage B – Financial value bids (April 2024 TBC).

AEMO Limited, together with its subsidiary AEMO Service Limited (ASL) will administer the competitive Capacity Investment Scheme South Australia-Victoria tender on behalf of the Australian Government and make recommendations. The Australian Government will select the projects to receive revenue support under the Capacity Investment Scheme based on AEMO’s recommendations.

Hawker Britton’s occasional papers on the Capacity Investment Scheme and other Federal Labor Government policies can be found here.

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