South Australian Election Result Confirmation

Today the South Australian Electoral Commission finalised the Upper and Lower house results of the 20 March election.

Despite the Rann Government experiencing a 8.4 per cent two-party preferred swing against them, the Liberal Party only managed to win three seats from the Labor party (Adelaide, Norwood and Morialta).  Labor on the other hand won the seat of Mitchell from the incumbent independent.

Labor has 26 seats, the Liberals 18 and three independents.

Five seats changed hands:

Chaffey – Liberal gain from Nationals
Mitchell – Labor gain from Independent
Adelaide – Liberal gain from Labor
Morialta – Liberal gain from Labor
Norwood – Liberal gain from Labor

Upper House results

Half of the 22 Upper House members were up for election with the Liberals and Labor winning four seats each.

The other three seats went to the Greens, Family First and Dignity for Disability.

The newly elected members of the Upper House are:

  • Greens – Tammy Jennings (newly elected)
  • Family First – Robert Brokenshire (re-elected)
  • Dignity for Disability – Kelly Vincent (newly elected)
  • Labor – Paul Holloway (re-elected)
  • Labor – Gail Gago (re-elected)
  • Labor – Bernard Finnigan (re-elected)
  • Labor – John Gazzola (re-elected)
  • Liberal – Jing Lee (newly elected)
  • Liberal – David Ridgway (re-elected)
  • Liberal – Stephen Wade  (re-elected)
  • Liberal – Terry Stephens (re-elected)

Current Upper House Numbers – 22 Seats:

Labor – 8 Seats
Liberal -7 Seats
Greens – 2 Seats
Family First – 2 Seats
Dignity for Disability – 1 Seat
No Pokies – 2 Seats

To view a graphic of the state of the South Australian Lower and Upper House click here.