John Jarrett


John is a Director at Hawker Britton’s Queensland Office where he specialises in providing strategic advice to business on the operations of the Queensland Labor Government.

John is a long-term policy adviser with experience ranging across the private, not-for-profit and government sectors. He advised three Australian Attorneys-General on business policy, including intergovernmental negotiation to deliver business reforms across Australia.

He also led policy development at a leading finance industry association, running the government relations function for many years.

John then spent nearly twenty years in the business sector overseas, including working across Asia, the United States and Europe. During this time, he worked on international policy in corporate governance, corporate disclosure, sustainability and audit reforms.

John has been a board director of the leading sustainable finance organisation in the United Kingdom, which has significatly moved public policy forward in this field.

Upon returning to Australia, John worked with a leading Big 4 professional services firm on government relations in Asia Pacific, including Australian audit reform issues.

Before joining Hawker Britton, John worked as a Senior Policy Adviser in the Queensland Palaszczuk Government, where he worked at the highest levels of government, developing a close understanding of the development of policy within government and key drivers of political decision-making, including involvement in intergovernmental policy on workforce development.

John is a lawyer by training and has a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.

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