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Education Resumption by State 12th May 2020
The Victorian Government’s Stage One Easing of Restrictions Framework 11th May 2020
Victorian Government COVID-19 Response: Omnibus Bill 24th April 2020
Victorian Government COVID-19 Response: Residential and Commercial Tenancy Reforms – Emergency Sitting of Victorian Parliament 15th April 2020
Victorian Government Schools – Remote and Flexible Learning Arrangements, Term 2, 2020. 7th April 2020
Victorian Government – Crisis Council of Cabinet 5th April 2020
Victorian Government – Tertiary COVID-19 Healthcare Package 1st April 2020
COVID-19 Updated 2020 Collated Sitting Calendar 26th March 2020
Victorian Economic and Healthcare Response to COVID-19 21st March 2020
2019-20 Victorian Budget Update 13th December 2019
2020 Collated Sitting Calendar 6th December 2019
2019-20 Victorian Budget 27th May 2019
New Zealand announces Digital Services Tax proposal 19th February 2019
2019 Collated Sitting Calendar 25th January 2019
Victorian Labor’s 2018 Election Policies 4th December 2018
Victorian Ministry list 29th November 2018
Victorian Government announce Suburban Rail Loop 29th August 2018
Victoria’s new political donation and electoral process framework 14th August 2018
Victorian ALP 2018 Platform 27th July 2018
Victorian Government commits $5 billion to Airport Rail Link 23rd July 2018
Victorian Recycling Industry Strategic Plan 3rd July 2018
2018 Melbourne City Council Lord Mayor By-election results 21st May 2018
2018-19 Victorian Budget 1st May 2018
2017 Northcote By-election and composition of Victorian Parliament 20th November 2017
Victorian Infrastructure Plan 18th October 2017
Updated Victorian Ministry list 16th October 2017
Victorian Ministry List 13th September 2017
2017-18 Victorian Budget 2nd May 2017
Infrastructure Victoria’s Final 30-year Infrastructure Strategy 10th December 2016
Victorian Government Releases Plan to Prevent Family Violence 24th November 2016
Victorian Ministry List 10th November 2016
Victoria: A State of Momentum Campaign 24th August 2016
Victorian Small Business Retail Review: Regulation and Red-Tape 3rd August 2016
Victorian Ministry List 19th June 2016
Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence Final Report and Funding Announcements 13th April 2016
Legislation to Lease the Port of Melbourne 22nd March 2016
Victorian 2015-16 Budget Update 26th November 2015
Victorian Government revised Market-led Proposals Guideline 23rd November 2015
Plan Melbourne Refresh: Discussion Paper 21st October 2015
Infrastructure Victoria: Update 6th October 2015