Cabinet Reshuffles: Western Australia and ACT

11 December 2023

Western Australia

On Thursday 7 December, Premier of Western Australia the Hon. Roger Cook MLA announced a Cabinet reshuffle ahead of the 2025 state election.

Member for Victoria Park Hannah Beazley has been elevated to the Cabinet following the resignation of the Hon. Bill Johnston MLA. Beazley will take on the ministerial portfolios of Local Government and Youth, along with becoming Minister Assisting the Minister for Training and Workforce Development.

The changes to Cabinet include:

  • Reece Whitby MLA gains the Energy portfolio.
  • David Michael MLA will add Mines and Petroleum.
  • Simone McGurk picks up Industrial Relations.
  • Paul Papalia will regain his former portfolios of Racing and Gaming.

Member for Cockburn David Scaife has been elevated to Parliamentary Secretary to the Hon. John Carey MLA, filling the vacancy left by Hannah Beazley.

For more information, please contact your Hawker Britton consultant Juliana Plummer on +61 427 519 224. Further Hawker Britton Occasional Papers on the activities of the WA Government are available here.

Minister Portfolio 
Hon Roger Cook MLA Premier; State and Industry Development, Jobs and Trade; Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations
Hon Rita Saffioti MLA Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Transport; Tourism
Hon Sue Ellery MLC Finance; Commerce; Women’s Interests
Hon Stephen Dawson MLC Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Science; Medical Research; Minister assisting the Minister for State and Industry Development, Jobs and Trade
Hon David Templeman MLA Culture and the Arts; Sport and Recreation; International Education; Heritage
Hon John Quigley MLA Attorney General; Electoral Affairs
Hon Paul Papalia MLA Police; Corrective Services; Racing and Gaming; Defence Industry; Veterans Issues
Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA Education; Aboriginal Affairs; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
Hon Simone McGurk MLA Training and Workforce Development; Water; Industrial Relations
Hon Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA Health; Mental Health 
Hon John Carey MLA Planning; Lands; Housing; Homelessness 
Hon Don Punch MLA Regional Development; Disability Services; Fisheries; Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering
Hon Reece Whitby MLA Energy, Environment; Climate Action 
Hon Sabine Winton MLA Early Childhood Education; Child Protection; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services
Hon David Michael MLA  
Mines and Petroleum; Ports; Road Safety; Minister assisting the Minister for Transport
Hon Hannah Beazley MLA Local Government; Youth; Minister Assisting the Minister for Training and Workforce Development
Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Small Business 
Mrs Jessica Stojkovski MLA Cabinet Secretary 
Parliamentary SecretaryMinister
Mrs Jessica Stojkovski MLAHon Roger Cook MLA 
Ms Jessica Shaw MLAHon Roger Cook MLA 
Dr Jagadish (Jags) Krishnan MLAHon Roger Cook MLA & Hon Sue Ellery MLC 
Ms Meredith Hammat MLAHon Rita Saffioti MLA & Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA 
Ms Divina D’Anna MLAHon Rita Saffioti MLA 
Ms Jodie Hanns MLAHon Stephen Dawson MLC
Hon Samantha Helen Rowe MLCHon David Templeman MLA 
Hon Matthew Swinbourn MLCHon John Quigley MLA & Hon Simone McGurk MLA 
Mr Terry Healy MLAHon Paul Papalia MLA 
Mr Yaz Mubarakai MLAHon Dr Tony Buti MLA 
Mr Simon Millman MLAHon Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA 
Hon Pierre Yang MLCHon Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA 
Mr David Scaife MLAHon John Carey MLA 
Hon Kyle McGinn MLC Hon Don Punch MLA 
Hon Darren West MLCHon Reece Whitby MLA 

Australian Capital Territory

On Monday 11 December, ACT Chief Minister the Hon. Andrew Barr MLA announced a Cabinet reshuffle as the Government looks to sharpen its focus on health, housing, cost-of-living and infrastructure in 2024.

The changes to Cabinet include:

  • Chris Steel will add the Planning portfolio to his transport responsibilities.
  • Tara Cheyne will take on City Services.
  • Mick Gentlemen adds Business, Multicultural Affairs, and a new portfolio of Crime Prevention.
  • Rachel Stephen-Smith gains the Disability portfolio.
  • Rebecca Vassarotti adds Parks and Land Management to her environment responsibilities.
  • Emma Davidson will take on Corrections and a new portfolio of Population Health.

The reshuffle also includes the announcement of a new cost-of-living sub-committee of Cabinet in the lead up to the 2024 Budget. The sub-committee will be tasked with developing proposals that can alleviate cost-of-living pressure on Canberrans most impacted by energy, education, health and transport costs during a period of high national inflation.

For more information, please contact Hawker Britton’s Managing Director Simon Banks on +61 419 648 587. Further Hawker Britton Occasional Papers on the activities of the ACT government are available here.

Minister Portfolio 
Hon Andrew Barr MLAChief Minister; Treasurer; Minister for Climate Action; Minister for Trade, Investment and Economic Development; Minister for Tourism
Hon Yvette Berry MLADeputy Chief Minister; Minister for Early Childhood Development; Minister for Education and Youth Affairs; Minister for Housing and Suburban Development; Minister for Women; Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence; Minister for Sport and Recreation
Hon Mick Gentleman MLAMinister for Business; Minister for Fire and Emergency Services; Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety; Minister for Multicultural Affairs; Minister for Police and Crime Prevention
Hon Shane Rattenbury MLA (Leader of the ACT Greens)Attorney-General; Minister for Consumer Affairs; Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction; Minister for Gaming
Hon Rachel Stephen-Smith MLAMinister for Health; Minister for Children, Youth and Family Services; Minister for Disability; Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
Hon Chris Steel MLAMinister for Planning; Minister for Skills and Training; Minister for Transport; Special Minister of State
Hon Tara Cheyne MLAMinister for the Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy; Minister for City Services; Minister for Government Services and Regulatory Reform; Minister for Human Rights
Hon Rebecca Vassarotti MLA (ACT Greens)Minister for the Environment, Parks and Land Management; Minister for Heritage; Minister for Homelessness and Housing Services; Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction
Hon Emma Davidson MLA (ACT Greens)Minister for Community Services, Seniors and Veterans; Minister for Corrections and Justice Health; Minister for Mental Health; Minister for Population Health

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