NSW Government: Building Commission

This week, the Minns Labor Government announced their plan to establish a NSW Building Commission by the end of 2023. This body is set to manage the industry along with its regulation and licensing.

The NSW Building Commission comes as a response to the housing supply crisis in New South Wales, with rental costs and housing prices continuing to rise.

Aiding the work completed thus far by Building Commissioner, David Chandler, the NSW Building Commission will support buyers in the housing market. Premier Chris Minns has suggested that Labor’s vision is to prevent urban sprawl from stretching further west, and to rebalance the housing supply.

On 15 May, the NSW Government announced their plan to audit public land in order to find new sites for housing developments, especially in areas along Sydney’s rail corridor. Whilst the land would be sold off to private developers, the plan is to include 30% social, affordable and/or inclusive housing within each block of developments.

Throughout the NSW State Election Campaign, Labor made a number of commitments to combat the housing crises in NSW, with their first promise kept being the appointment of a Minister for Building.

Labor’s introduction of a new, revised Building Act also looks to fulfil these election commitments, consolidating and updating housing legislation, providing consumers with clarity about their rights and responsibilities and to further incentivise the building sector to deliver quality homes.

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