NT Cabinet Reshuffle 

On 10th May 2022, the Northern Territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner resigned from his position.

Following a meeting of the NT Labor caucus, Hon Natasha Fyles MLA was elected unanimously as the leader of the Labor Party and as the 12th Chief Minister of the Northern Territory. On Monday 23 May, Chief Minister Fyles announced her new ministry. The Chief Minister will also serve as Minister for Health, Alcohol Policy, Major Projects and Defence.

The Hon Nicole Manison MLA will continue as Deputy Chief Minister and the Hon Eve Lawler MLA will serve as Treasurer.

Key ministerial changes to note are:

● Ngaree Ah Kit will join the frontbench

● Lim Mark Monaghan has been selected as the new speaker

The new portfolios can be found below.

Minister  New Portfolios  
Hon Natasha Fyles MLA Chief Minister 
Minister for Health 
Minister for Alcohol Policy  
Minister for Major Projects 
Minister for Defence 
Hon Nicole Manison MLA 
Deputy Chief Minister 
Minister for Tourism and Hospitality 
Minister for Parks and Rangers 
Minister for Advanced Manufacturing 
Minister for Mining and Industry 
Minister for Northern Australia and Trade 
Hon Eva Lawler MLA Treasurer 
Minister for Education 
Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics 
Minister for Territory Development 
Hon Lauren Moss MLA Minister for Environment, Climate Change and, Water Security 
Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 
Minister for Equality and Inclusion 
Minister for Youth 
Minister for Seniors 
Hon Selena Uibo MLA Minister for Housing and Homelands 
Minister for Renewables and Energy 
Minister for Essential Services 
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 
Minister for Treaty and Local Decision Making  
Hon Paul Kirby MLA Minister for Business, Jobs and Training 
Minister for Agribusiness and Fisheries 
Minister for Public Employment 
Minister for Major Events 
Minister for Veteran’ Affairs 
Hon Kate Worden MLA Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services 
Minister for Territory Families 
Minister for Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence 
Minister for Sport 
Hon Chanston (Chansey) Paech MLA Attorney-General and Minister for Justice 
Leader of Government Business 
Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing 
Minister for Local Government 
Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage 
Minister for Desert Knowledge Australia 
Ngaree Ah Kit Minister for Corporate and Digital Development 
Minister for International Education 
Minister for Disabilities 
Minister for Multicultural Affairs 

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