South Australian Cabinet and Sitting Program

South Australian Labor Government

On Thursday 24 March, South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas unveiled his Cabinet.

The swearing in ceremony saw the return of nine ministers from the previous Labor Government, with six ministers new to the cabinet table.

Independent MP Geoff Brock returns to Cabinet as Minister for Local Government, Regional Roads and Veterans Affairs, having previously served as the minister responsible for regional development and local government in the Weatherill Government from 2014 to 2018.

Chris Picton is tasked with Health and Wellbeing. Health featured prominently in the election campaign. Picton has experience as the Minister for Emergency Services from September 2017 until the March 2018 election.

Former Federal MP, first time State MP, Nick Champion is Minister for Trade and Investment, Housing and Urban Development, and Planning.

Former South Australian Treasurer in the Weatherill Government, Tom Koutsantonis, is Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, and Energy and Mining. He is also Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly.

Six of the 15 cabinet ministers are women, as are eight of the 17 on the frontbench.

Peter Malinauskas MPPremier of South Australia
Susan Close MPDeputy Premier Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Minister for Defence and Space Industries Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Member of Executive Council
Stephen Mullighan MPTreasurer Member of Executive Council
Kyam Maher MLCAttorney-General Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector Member of Executive Council Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council
Tom Koutsantonis MPMinister for Infrastructure and Transport Minister for Energy and Mining Member of Executive Council Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly
Chris Picton MPMinister for Health and Wellbeing Member of Executive Council
Joe Szakacs MPMinister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services Member of the Executive Council
Zoe Bettison MPMinister for Tourism Minister for Multicultural Affairs Member of Executive Council
Katrine Hildyard MPMinister for Child Protection Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing Member of Executive Council
Nat Cook MPMinister for Human Services Member of Executive Council
Clare Scriven MLCMinister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister for Forest Industries Member of Executive Council
Blair Boyer MPMinister for Education, Training and Skills Member of Executive Council
Andrea Michaels MPMinister for Small and Family Business Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs Minister for Arts Member of Executive Council
Geoff Brock MPMinister for Regional Roads Minister for Local Government Minister for Veterans Affairs Member of Executive Council
Nick Champion MPMinister for Trade and Investment Minister for Housing and Urban Development Minister for Planning
Emily Bourke MLCAssistant Minister to the Premier
Rhiannon Pearce MPAssistant Minister to the Deputy Premier

Release of SA Parliamentary Sitting Program

On Thursday 7 April, the Parliamentary Sitting Schedule for 2022 was released. The schedule sees the South Australian Parliament returning on 3 May, with Treasurer Stephen Mullighan to hand down a Budget on Thursday 2 June.

Estimates is scheduled to run from 17 to 23 June.

The South Australian Parliament will have a break after 7 July, returning for fortnightly sittings from 6 September.

To view Hawker Britton’s 2022 Parliamentary Sitting Calendar, including the dates for SA, click here.

For more information, please contact your Hawker Britton Consultant Simon Banks on +61 419 648 587 or Stephen Halliday on +61 418 808 799.

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