Federal Labor’s Commitment to Full Employment

On Friday 2 July 2021 Federal Opposition Leader, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, addressed the National Press Club in Canberra in response to the Government’s Intergenerational Report.

The Labor Leader remarked on the current 1.7 million Australians looking for employment or for more working hours, and the 4 million Australians working in insecure roles. Albanese noted that the Intergenerational Report revealed decreasing productivity, increasing unemployment, growing government debt, and stagnating wage growth.

Full Employment

In the address, Anthony Albanese outlined the three aims of a plan to achieving full employment:

  • Placing people in secure roles which would increase the wages for people currently employed.
  • Removing the current gender pay gap.
  • Improving the divide between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

He also outlined the need for full employment to account for the changing nature of the workforce. This includes accounting for:

  • The expansion of the care-based economy, including aged, child and disability care.
  • Opportunities for those on the Disability Support Pension.
  • The jobs driving by the renewable energy sector.

White Paper

If elected, Labor will commission a Full Employment White Paper. The paper will involve the contributions of government, industry, and the union movement, to explore structural and technological changes that will boost productivity.

The is inspired by the White Paper produced by former Labor Prime Minister John Curtin and Treasurer Ben Chifley which outlined a national plan for recovery during World War II.

Jobs Summit

An elected Labor Government will hold an Australian Jobs Summit as one their first major actions.

A summit was previously held by former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating, who held a National Economic Summit in their first month of government in 1983. Business leaders, representatives from state and local governments, welfare groups and unions were in attendance. The summit generated major economic reform including the floating of the Australian dollar.

Other Policies

Federal Labor has previously made several jobs-based policy announcements, including:

  • $15 billion for a National Reconstruction Fund to invest in manufacturing capacities.
  • $100 million for New Energy Apprenticeships.
  • Establishing Jobs and Skills Australia to create better business partnerships.
  • Criminalising Wage Theft.
  • Placing Job Security into the Fair Work Act.
  • Defining Casual Work in law.
  • Legislating 10 days paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave.

Further information

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