Federal Labor Policy Statement – Protecting Democratic Institutions

On Saturday 07 December 2019, Labor Leader Anthony Albanese addressed The Chifley Research Centre in Sydney.

In his third policy statement, Albanese outlined Labor’s 5-point strategy to address challenges facing democratic institutions. In the address he called for government to play a leadership role in repairing public discourse, increasing transparency and holding digital-technology companies accountable for misinformation shared on their platforms.

Labor’s proposal to protect democratic institutions, and repair trust in government will establish protections for whistle-blowers and journalists, as well as reform freedom of information laws to increase transparency of government.

Labor will continue to support the implementation of a National Integrity Commission emulating the model of state anti-corruption commissions. Labor will also support electoral law reform, pledging support for real time disclosure of donations and the need for caps on electoral spending.

Labor will seek constitutional reform to reflect contemporary Australia, reaffirming support for a

constitutionally enshrined indigenous “voice” to parliament and following, establishing a republic.

Digital Platform Accountability

Albanese indicated digital platforms are responsible and have profited off an “increased volume of anger and misinformation”, which had “robb[ed] our political debates of civility and [made] the public’s poor opinion of our political system much, much worse”.

Labor will seek to hold digital platforms accountable to Australian legal and community standards.

Labor’s 5 Point Plan to Help Restore faith in Democracy and Government

  1. Rebuild capacity to have constructive national conversations about key issues.
  2. Ensure digital platforms remove misinformation on social media, including intervention measures.
  3. Protect journalist from prosecution and reinforce freedom of information laws.
  4. Restore public accountability, establishing a national integrity commission.
  5. Modernise the Australian constitution to reflect contemporary Australia.

Further information

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