Tasmanian Election and New Cabinet


On March 18, 2006, Tasmanian voters returned a third successive majority Labor government, electing Paul Lennon for the first time as Premier.

Labor was returned with 14 of the 25 Lower House seats, the same number they held following the 2002 election. The representation of Liberals and Greens in the House also remained the same, though there was a swing to the Liberals of 4.6% and a swing against the Greens. Labor suffered a small swing against them of 2.3%.

The final make-up of the Parliament is: ALP 14 seats; Liberals 7 seats; Greens 4 seats.

The Cabinet and office holders

Premier Paul Lennon has passed on the Treasury portfolio to upper house MP Michael Aird. Mr Aird also takes on the role of Minister for Racing.

Former Infrastructure, Energy and Resources Minister Bryan Green becomes Deputy Premier. Mr Green will also hold the Economic Development and Resources portfolios, and the Sport and Recreation portfolio.

Mr Lennon will take on the new Local Government and Community Development portfolio, which will see an Office of Children and Youth Affairs established within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Premier will also have responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs, Multicultural Tasmania, the new Disability Bureau, the Seniors Bureau and Women Tasmania.

Former backbencher David Bartlett takes on the Education portfolio.

Former Economic Development Minister Lara Giddings takes on the Health and Human Services portfolio. Responsibility for child protection remains with the Department of Health and Human Services.

David Llewellyn takes on the Energy, Primary Industries, Water and Police and Emergency Management portfolios, now including the Tasmania Fire Service.

Steve Kons replaces Judy Jackson, who is retiring, as Attorney-General. Mr Kons also takes on the Justice, Planning and Workplace Relations portfolios.

Paula Wriedt continues as Tourism Minister, also taking on Arts and Environment, including heritage and parks.

Jim Cox becomes Minister for Infrastructure, including the new Tasmanian Ports Corporation, TT-Line, roads, bridges, rail, Metro, transport and traffic regulation and the MAIB.

Incoming Bass MHA Michelle O’Byrne has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier.
Long-serving member Michael Polley remains Speaker of the House of Assembly, with Brenton Best as Deputy Speaker and Graeme Sturges as Government Whip.

A complete list follows.

Upper House

With Michael Aird taking on the role of Treasurer, Doug Parkinson will take over as the Government’s Leader in the Upper House. Lin Thorp will be his deputy, and Pembroke MLC Allison Ritchie will be Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer.

Parliament to resume after May 30.

Mr Lennon has recommended to the Governor that State Parliament be recalled after May 30.

The election

This election gives Paul Lennon a personal mandate to govern, after he took over the position of Premier from the late Jim Bacon.

The Government maintained a focus on economic stability throughout the campaign, while announcing plans to improve the Tasmanian health system, education system and Tasmanian roads.

Tasmania’s economic record since Labor came to power has been exceptionally strong, and this formed a central plank of the Labor campaign.

Shadow Ministry

Liberal Leader Rene Hidding stood down following the election. Former Deputy Leader Will Hodgman was elected to the leadership unopposed. Braddon Liberal member Jeremy Rockliff was elected as Mr Hodgman’s deputy.

Other Opposition portfolios will remain the same until after the state budget is announced.

Tasmanian Ministry and other positions

Paul Lennon Premier
Minister for Local Government and Community Development
Bryan Green Deputy Premier
Minister for Economic Development and Resources
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Michael Aird Treasurer
Minister for Racing
David Bartlett Minister for Education
Jim Cox Minister for Infrastructure
Lara Giddings Minister for Health and Human Services
Steve Kons Attorney-General
Minister for Justice
Minister for Workplace Relations
Minister for Planning
David Llewellyn Minister for Primary Industries and Water
Minister for Police and Emergency Management
Minister for Energy
Paula Wriedt Minister for Tourism, Arts and the Environment
Doug Parkinson Leader for the Government in the Legislative Council
Lin Thorp Deputy Leader for the Government in the Legislative Council
Michael Polley Speaker
Brenton Best Deputy Speaker
Graeme Sturges Government Whip
Michelle O’Byrne Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier
Allison Ritchie Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

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