Tasmanian 2010 Election Result Confirmation and New Cabinet

The 20 March Tasmanian election resulted in a hung parliament with the Labor and the Liberal parties gaining 10 seats each and the Greens five.  After several days of uncertainty, Labor was put back into power on 9 April by Governor Peter Underwood with negotiations between the Labor party and Greens finally concluding today.

Labor Premier David Bartlett handed the Greens two positions in the ten person cabinet. Under the deal, Greens leader Nick McKim will become a Minister and his colleague Cassy O’Connor, will take up the role of Cabinet secretary. This is first time a Green has sat in any state Cabinet.

The New Cabinet:

David Bartlett Premier;  Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology
Lara Giddings Deputy Premier; Attorney General; Minister for Justice; Minister for Economic Development; Minister for Infrastructure.
Michael Aird Treasurer; Minister for Industry.
Bryan Green Minister for Primary Industries and Water; Minister for Energy and Resources; Minister for Local Government; Minister for Planning; Minister for Racing; Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.
Nick McKim Minister for Human Services; Minister for Corrections and Consumer Protection; Minister for Community Development; Minister for Climate Change; Minister for Sustainable Transport and Alternative Energy.
David O’Byrne Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage; Minister for Workplace Relations; Minister for the Arts; Minister for Hospitality; Minister for Sports and Recreation.
Michelle O’Byrne Minister for Health; Minister for Tourism.
Lin Thorp Minister for Education and Skills; Minister for Children; Minister for Police and Emergency Management.
Cassy O’Connor Secretary to Cabinet
Doug Parkinson Leader for the Government in Legislative Council

Outside Cabinet:

Brenton Best Parliamentary Secretary for the North Western Economy (working to the Premier)
Brian Wightman Parliamentary Secretary for the Northern Economy (working to the Premier)
Rebecca White Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business (working to the Deputy Premier)
Scott Bacon Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury (working to the Treasurer)

Election Result

Labor lost four seats on a swing of 12.4 per cent against, whilst the Liberals gained three seats and the Greens one —recording their highest ever state-wide vote of 21.6 per cent. The only inter-party battles for a seat during the counting process were between the Greens and Liberals for the final seat in Braddon (won by the Greens), and between independent Andrew Wilkie and the Liberals for the final seat in Denison (won by the Liberals).

2010 Tasmanian Election – Final Result          
Party Votes Pct Swing Seats Change
Liberal 124,933 38.99 7.17 10 3
Labor 118,168 36.88 -12.39 10 -4
Greens 69,233 21.61 4.97 5 1
Others 8,104 2,53 0.25 .. ..
Formal 320,438     25  
Informal 14,915 4.45 0.01    
Total Votes / Turnout 335,353 93.85 -1.03    
Enrolment 357,315        

New Members:

  Labor Liberal Greens
Re-elected Michelle O’Byrne (Bass) Peter Gutwein (Bass) Kim Booth (Bass)
Bryan Green (Braddon) Jeremy Rockliff (Braddon) Cassy O’Connor (Denison)
Brenton Best (Braddon) Will Hodgman (Franklin) Nick McKim (Franklin)
David Bartlett (Denison) Rene Hidding (Lyons) Tim Morris (Lyons)
Lara Giddings (Franklin)    
Michael Polley (Lyons)    
Retired Jim Cox (Bass) Sue Napier (Bass)  
Steven Kons (Braddon) Michael Hodgman (Denison)
Defeated Lisa Singh (Denison) Brett Whiteley (Braddon)  
Graeme Sturges (Denison)
Ross Butler (Franklin)
David Hulme (Franklin)
Heather Butler (Lyons)
David Llewellyn (Lyons)
New MHAs Brian Wightman (Bass) Michael Ferguson (Bass) Paul O’Halloran (Braddon)
Scott Bacon (Denison) Adam Brooks (Braddon)
David O’Byrne (Franklin) Matthew Groom (Denison)
Rebecca White (Lyons) Alise Archer (Denison)
  Jacquie Petrusma (Franklin)
  Mark Shelton (Lyons)