Review of ICT Governance within the Queensland Government

Last week the Service Delivery and Performance Commission released its Review of ICT Governance in the Queensland Government.

The report is predicated on the notion that increasingly the public and business expect to be able to access Government services more easily and require that the Government handle private information efficiently and securely.

The Commission calls for the production and promulgation of a Service Delivery Vision in which the Government would clearly articulate the standards expected in this area and their basis in sound public policy.

Beyond this Service Delivery Vision, the Commission has dedicated much of its consideration to the organisational and commercial challenges facing Government. It recommends the establishment of the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) to replace the Office of ICT within Public Works.

Furthermore, it urges as a priority the consolidation of management and responsibility of ICT infrastructure and operations from across Government within this body. This reform aims to deliver better ICT at a better price for Government agencies through economy of scale savings, whilst making Government more effective and accessible as a partner for the industry.

In addition, the report calls on CITEC to return to its internal focus. This would be a shift from CITEC’s increasingly market orientated approach toward a focus on delivering up to date, timely and efficient assistance and advice to the agencies it serves.

This report has the capacity to meaningfully restructure ICT policy and procurement within the Queensland Government, something many parties within Government and the industry have sought for sometime. The challenge now is its implementation.

Download the report at: Reviews – Service Delivery and Performance Commission – SDPC.