October Bimonthly Report Update

Hawker Britton’s Bimonthly Report Update presents the latest audits from the NSW Auditor-General and developments in NSW Parliamentary Committees.

NSW Auditor General Report to Parliament
Performance Audits
Report No Date Agency or Issue Examined Title
158 6 September 2006 Department of Education Educating Primary School Children with Disabilities
157 16 August 2006 NSW Roads and Traffic Authority Condition of State Roads
156 20 July 2006 Fraud Control Executive Brief Fraud Control Improvement Kit: Meeting Your Fraud Control Obligations
Performance Audits in Progress
Title Planned Tabling Date
Managing Nursing Resources 4th quarter of 2006
The Distribution of Legal Aid in NSW 4th quarter of 2006
Infectious Disease Outbreaks – Readiness to Respond 4th quarter of 2006
Helping Elderly People Access Residential Care 4th quarter of 2006
Police Assistance Line: Follow-up Performance Audit 4th quarter of 2006
Managing Young Offenders 1st quarter of 2007
Dealing with Break and Entry 2nd quarter of 2007
Services for the Homeless 2nd quarter of 2007
Readiness to Respond, Ambulance Services of NSW: Follow-up Performance Audit 2nd quarter of 2007
NSW Parliamentary Committee Inquiries and Reports
Current Inquiries
Committee Inquiry Final Report Due
GPSC 1-5 Budget Estimates 2006-2007 30 November 2006
Public Accounts Home and Community Care Program Inquiry TBA
GPSC 2 Health impacts of air pollution in the Sydney Basin TBA
Public Works Inquiry into Sportsground Management in NSW TBA
Legislation Review Strict and Absolute Liability TBA
Snowy Hydro Continued Public Ownership Committee Continued Public Ownership of Snowy Hydro Ltd 27 October 2006
Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission Scrutiny of NSW Police Counter-terrorism and other powers TBA
Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission Ten Year review of the police oversight system in NSW TBA
Children and Young People Children Young People and the Built Environment TBA
GPSC 2 Health Care Complaints Inquiry Review TBA
Social Issues Impact of Commonwealth Workchoices Legislation 23 November 2006
Health care Complaints Inquiry into the adequacy of internal complaint handling systems and other methods to measure consumer satisfaction in relation to practices and clinics outside the hospital system TBA
Public Bodies Review Inquiry into Allocation of Social Housing TBA
Staysafe Committee Review of Road Safety Administration in NSW TBA
Public Works Inquiry into Municipal Waste Management in NSW TBA
Public Bodies Review Inquiry into the Public Trustee of NSW TBA
Staysafe (Road Safety) Inquiry into the road safety situation in NSW over the period 2000-2005- Mid Tern Review of Road Safety 2010 strategic plan TBA
GPSC 4 Operations of the Home Building Service 22 February 2007
Law and Justice Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts TBA
Law and Justice Impacts of the Family Law Amendment (Shared Responsibility) Act 2006 (Cth) 1 December 2006
Reports Tabled
Committee Report Date Tabled
Electoral Matters Inquiry into Voter Enrolment 27 September 2006
Public Review Bodies Report on Corporate Governance 21 September 2006
Law and Justice Review of the exercise of the functions of the Motor Accidents Authority and the Motor Accidents Council- Seventh Report 20 September 2006
Cross City Tunnel The Lane Cove Tunnel Third Report 23 August 2006