NSW State Plan Progress Report

Premier Morris Iemma yesterday released his 12 month progress report on the NSW State Plan. The progress report details the work the Government has undertaken towards achieving its State Plan goals and outlines the steps the Government will take in the next twelve months to improve its service delivery.

For an outline of the Government’s specific progress on each priority, click on the links below:

Rights, Respect and Responsibility

Priority R1 and R3 – Reducing crime and antisocial behaviour (PDF 146kb)

Priority R2 – Reduced Re-offending (PDF 115kb)

Priority R4 – Increased participation and integration in community activities (PDF 118kb)

Delivering Better Services

Priority S1 – Improved access to quality healthcare (PDF 117kb)

Priority S2 – Improved survival rates and quality of life (PDF 116kb)

Priority S3 – Improved health through reduced obesity, smoking, illicit drug use and risk drinking (PDF 119kb)

Priority S4 – Increasing levels of attainment for all students (PDF 209kb)

Priority S5 – More students complete Year 12 or recognised vocational training (PDF 137kb)

Priority S6 – An effective Transport System (PDF 264kb)

Priority S7 – Safer Roads (PDF 152kb)

Priority S8 – Increased customer satisfaction with Government Services (PDF 1.3mb)

Fairness and Opportunity

Priority F1 – Strengthening Aboriginal Communities (PDF 124kb)

Priority F2 – Increased employment and community participation for people with a disability (PDF 118kb)

Priority F3 – Improved outcomes in mental health (PDF 115kb)

Priority F4 – Embedding prevention and early intervention into Government Services (PDF 89kb)

Priority F5 – Reduced avoidable hospital admissions (PDF 120kb)

Priority F6 – Increase the proportion of children with skills for life and learning at school entry (PDF 116kb)

Priority F7 – Reduce child abuse and neglect (PDF 108kb)

Growing Prosperity Across NSW

Priority P1 and P6 – Increase Business Investment in NSW (PDF 127kb)

Priority P2 – Maintain and invest in infrastructure (PDF 149kb)

Priority P3 – Reducing Red Tape (PDF 107kb)

Priority P4 and P7 – Lifelong training to support economic growth (PDF 122kb)

Environment for Living

Priority E1 – Secure and sustainable water supply for all users (PDF 182kb)

Priority E2 – A reliable electricity supply with increased use of renewable energy (PDF 133kb)

Priority E3 – Cleaner air and progress on greenhouse gas reduction (PDF 189kb)

Priority E4 – Better outcomes for native vegetation, biodiversity, lands, rivers, and coastal waterways (PDF 113kb)

Priority E5 – Jobs closer to home (PDF 184kb)

Priority E6 – Housing Affordability (PDF 155kb)

Priority E7 – An effective transport system(PDF 155kb)

Priority E8 – More people using parks, sporting and recreational facilities, and participating in the Arts and Cultural activity (PDF 140kb)

For more information visit http://www.nsw.gov.au/stateplan