NSW State Control Board Business Plan 2010-2013

The NSW State Contracts Control Board (SCCB) recently released its first business plan.  The Plan will impact upon procurement policy in NSW over the coming years.

The SCCB is responsible for purchasing of goods and services for NSW Government agencies by establishing contracts with suppliers.
The SCCB arranges the purchase of goods and services on behalf of the public sector through state contracts. These contracts are standing offers by suppliers, which apply for a specific time.
The SCCB is a statutory board reporting to the Minister for Commerce.
Its current members are:
  • Dr Kerry Schott, Chair
  • Sally Barnes
  • Barry Buffier
  • Michael Coutts-Trotter
  • Peter Duncan
  • Michael Schur
The SCCB administers state contracts.  NSW Procurement, a division within the Department of Services, Technology and Administration, implements procurement policy.
Procurement policy itself is set by NSW Treasury.
New Business Plan
The Plan sets out four goals for the SCCB over the next four years.
1. Value for money
2. Strong Governance
3. Good systems, processes and people
4. Making it easy to do business
In practice, this means a number of policies guiding procurement policy in NSW will be updated or reformed.  Below is a quick overview to the key developments to keep an eye on over coming years.
  • The SCCB will complete its first State Procurement Plan by 2012.
  • SCCB will seek amendments to the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 and Public Sector Management (Goods & Services) Regulation 2000 to clarify SCCB functions and powers.
  • By January 2011 NSW Procurement’s business practices will be aligned with the SCCB Business Plan and performance management framework.