NSW News Update

NSW Energy Supply

On 1 November 2008, NSW Premier Nathan Rees announced a new strategy for the State’s energy supplies.

The strategy includes:

  • Progressing with the sale of the State’s electricity retailers and new generation development sites;
  • Leasing the generators’ electricity trading rights;
  • Keeping existing generation assets and the “poles and wires” under NSW Government control;
  • Protecting consumers through IPART price regulation for households and small businesses until 2013;
  • Maintaining the NSW Government’s previous commitments to retail employees about job security and future entitlements.

Under the Government’s outsourcing model, electricity price and trading risk will be transferred to private sector operators, who will pay the State-owned generator a fixed fee to cover the cost of producing the electricity, guaranteeing the State a low risk return on its assets.

For more information, see: www.nsw.gov.au

NSW Planning Reform

On 29 October 2008, NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally announced planning reforms to speed up the time taken to rezone and release land for new housing.

The NSW Department of Planning will be restructured, creating savings of $3 million.  These funds will be used to hire specialist project managers to manage the rezoning of land for housing, commercial or industrial use and to speed up the processing of development applications for major projects.

Minister Keneally said the project managers will work to shorter deadlines.  85% of major project approvals are to be finalised within three months, 95% to be finalised within five months, and no project assessment to exceed eight months.  There will also be an expected overall 50 % reduction in Local Environmental Plans assessment timeframes.

Further planning portfolio reforms include:

  • The Department of Planning will take on all planning and land release functions of the Growth Centres Commission, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Office of Strategic Lands.
  • The Redfern-Waterloo Authority will continue operation until 2011-2012, when it will be reviewed for termination or to be incorporated into other agencies.
  • Landcom will be retained and continue to operate in its current capacity.

For more information, see: www.nsw.gov.au

Cabinet Reshuffle

Premier Nathan Rees’ decision to stand down Minister Tony Stewart has led to a minor cabinet reshuffle.

Ian Macdonald will act as Minister for Small Business and Jodi McKay will act as Minister for Science and Medical Research and Minister assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer) during the period Minister Stewart is stood aside.

The full ministerial list is as follows:

Nathan Rees MP Premier
Minister for the Arts
Carmel Tebbutt MP Deputy Premier
Minister for Climate Change and the Environment
Minister for Commerce
John Della Bosca MLC Minister for Health
Minister for the Central Coast
Vice President of the Executive Council
John Hatzistergos MLC Attorney General
Minister for Justice
Minister for Industrial Relations
Eric Roozendaal MLC Treasurer
David Campbell MP Minister for Transport
Minister for the Illawarra
Verity Firth MP Minister for Education and Training
Minister for Women
Kristina Keneally MP Minister for Planning
Minister for Redfern Waterloo
Joseph Tripodi MP Minister for Finance
Minister for Infrastructure
Minister for Regulatory Reform
Minister for Ports and Waterways
Ian Macdonald MLC Minister for Primary Industries
Minister for Energy
Minister for Mineral Resources
Minister for State Development
Minister for Small Business
Tony Kelly MLC Minister for Police
Minister for Lands
Minister for Emergency Services
Linda Burney MP Minister for Community Services
Kevin Greene MP Minister for Gaming and Racing
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Paul Lynch MP Minister for Ageing
Minister for Disability Services
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Barbara Perry MP Minister for Local Government
Minister Assisting the Minister for  Health (Mental Health)
Graham West MP Minister for Juvenile Justice
Minister for Volunteering
Minister for Youth
Michael Daley MP Minister for Roads
Phillip Costa MP Minister for Water
Minister for Rural Affairs
Minister for Regional Development
Virginia Judge MP Minister for Fair Trading
Minister for Citizenship
Minister Assisting the Premier on the Arts
David Borger MP Minister for Housing
Minister for Western Sydney
Jodi McKay MP Minister for Tourism
Minister for the Hunter
Minister for Science and Medical Research
Minister assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer)

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