NSW Cabinet Reshuffle – Key Changes to Portfolios

Fairfield MP Joe Tripodi elected to NSW Cabinet

State MP for Fairfield Joe Tripodi was today elected by free vote to fill the 21st position in the New South Wales Cabinet left vacant by the resignation of Treasurer Michael Egan last month. Tripodi, from the right faction of the party, was the only nomination at this morning’s Caucus vote. He will be sworn in this afternoon with responsibility for Housing.

The Premier also announced the final touches to his Cabinet reshuffle, which has affected several central portfolios. Deputy Premier Andrew Refshauge is now NSW Treasurer, while Community Services Minister Carmel Tebbutt has replaced Dr Refshauge as Education and Training Minister.

Police Minister John Watkins has replaced Michael Costa as Transport Services Minister. Mr Costa has moved to Roads and Economic Reform and Ports, and Carl Scully has moved from the Roads portfolio to Police.

Reba Meagher is now Minister for Community Services and Youth, while Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca has taken on the Ageing and Disability portfolios as well as becoming leader of the Labor Party in the Upper House.

Further changes announced today include the reallocation of responsibility for Fair Trading and Minister Assisting the Minister for Commerce to John Hatzistergos, and the addition of Central Coast to Grant McBride’s Gaming and Racing portfolio.

A full list of the revised Cabinet portfolios is attached.

The Honourable Bob Carr MP Premier
The Honourable Andrew Refshauge MP Deputy Premier and Treasurer
State Development
Aboriginal Affairs
The Honourable John Della Bosca MLC Special Minister of State and Assistant Treasurer
Industrial Relations
Disability Services
Vice President Executive Council
The Honourable Craig Knowles MP Infrastructure and Planning
Natural Resources
The Honourable Robert Debus MP Attorney General
The Honourable Carl Scully MP Police
The Honourable Morris Iemma MP Health
The Honourable Michael Costa MLC Roads
Economic Reform
The Honourable John Watkins MP Transport
The Honourable Carmel Tebbutt MLC Education and Training
The Honourable Frank Sartor MP Energy and Utilities
Science and Medical Research
Minister Assisting on Health (Cancer)
Minister Assisting on Arts
The Honourable Reba Meagher MP Community Services
The Honourable Sandra Nori MP Tourism and Sport and Recreation
The Honourable Anthony Kelly MLC Rural Affairs
Local Government
Emergency Services
The Honourable David Campbell MP Regional Development
Small Business
The Honourable Ian Macdonald MLC Primary Industries
The Honourable Diane Beamer MP Juvenile Justice
Western Sydney
Minister Assisting on Infrastructure and Planning (Planning Administration)
The Honourable John Hatzistergos MLC Justice
Fair Trading
Minister Assisting on Citizenship
Minister Assisting on Commerce
The Honourable Grant McBride MP Gaming and Racing
Central Coast
The Honourable Kerry Hickey MP Mineral Resources
The Honourable Joe Tripodi MP Housing