Fixed Election Dates for Tasmania

Last week Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon announced Tasmania will have fixed four-year terms of Parliament. Legislation will be introduced into Parliament this year to set the date for Tasmanian State Elections as the third Saturday in March every four years.  This means the next Tasmanian State Election will be held on March 20th 2010.

The Premier also outlined his key priority areas for 2008.  These include:

  • A social inclusion strategy  to ensure Tasmanians don’t feel isolated in their communities and to address the causes of social inequality;
  • Taking action on climate change by legislating a State emissions reduction target;
  • Building more public housing and reducing homelessness;
  • Improving support and care to children and families;
  • Lifting literacy and numeracy standards;
  • Drought-proofing Tasmania by facilitating irrigation projects;
  • Growing Tasmania through investment in infrastructure, such as the Brighton Transport Hub; and
  • Further building on the Tasmanian brand.