Coalition Policy Statement: ‘Our Action Contract’

On 26 June 2010, the Coalition released a policy statement entitled ‘Our Action Contract’, signed by the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP.

It contains twelve election commitments that the Coalition intends to deliver over the next three years if returned to Government. The Coalition has stated it will:
1.       Return the Budget to surplus in three years (i.e. 2012-13).
2.       Reduce “wasteful” expenditure on school halls and government advertising, and restore Cabinet decision-making processes.
3.       Oppose the Resources Super Profits Tax.
4.       Give more Government work to small businesses and establish new rules for Government payment of bills.
5.       Maintain offshore processing of refugees arriving by boat, reinstate temporary protection visas and, “where possible”, turn back boats.
6.       Set immigration numbers and link population growth to the provision of infrastructure.
7.       Provide “holistic” management of the Murray-Darling water system and reduce carbon emissions by 5 % by 2020 by purchasing abatements through their Emissions Reduction Fund.
8.       Introduce Local Hospital Boards and continue the Private Health Insurance Rebate.
9.       Introduce six months of paid parental leave for workers.
10.   Ensure that more areas have closed circuit TV (CCTV).
11.   Work with State Governments to allow school Principals “to pay the best teachers more”.
12.   Restore ‘Work-for-the-Dole’ and apply stricter mutual obligation requirements to those receiving benefits.
The document also states that:
  • The Coalition will not reintroduce WorkChoices or Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs), but will provide “greater flexibility” within Labor’s industrial relations framework.
  • The Coalition will take action to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions without introducing a new tax.
  • The Coalition will address land degradation issues by establishing an environment and climate change adjustment workforce of 15,000 within four years.

The ‘Our Action Contract’ document is available in full at