Australian Labor Party National Conference

The Australian Labor Party is holding its National Conference over 3 days from 30 July to
1 August 2009 at the Sydney Convention Centre.

The Conference will be critical in shaping Labor’s future policy agenda and will cover areas such as climate change, education, health, and national security. The Conference will be particularly significant since it will be the first since Labor was elected as the Federal Government and is in the context of the global economic crisis. The National Conference will contribute to this agenda and set Labor’s National Platform for the next three years.  The National Platform is not designed to be a policy document.  It is a statement of beliefs and aspirations of the Labor Party that guides Labor’s political representations.

Ahead of the meeting, a Consultation Draft National Platform Paper has been released to generate discussion and form the basis of the new draft National Platform.  It should be noted that this is a draft Platform and has been designed to facilitate contributions from members and party stakeholders making a submission.

The new draft National Platform will be debated and adopted at the National Conference and will be the first comprehensive update of the National Platform since 1998.

The ALP intends to have a National Conference Business Observers Program.  Expressions of interest are requested here.

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