ACT Government – John Hargreaves Resignation from Ministry

John Hargreaves has resigned from the ACT Government Ministry, and will be replaced in Cabinet by Brindabella MLA, Joy Burch, from November 1. It is expected that Chief Minister Jon Stanhope will announce her Ministries at that time.

Joy was elected to ACT Legislative Assembly as the Member for Brindabella in October 2008. She originally trained as a nurse, and now has graduate and post graduate qualifications in health and information systems. Joy has owned a child care centre, managed a community health service and worked in various government and non-government policy development roles – including working with Indigenous communities to secure much needed GP services.

Joy has a strong commitment to accessible and affordable health care; access to all levels of education for all ages; a secure water management system; and well planned and sustained growth across the Brindabella area.

Most recently Joy was the CEO of a national NGO working across the university sector for improved health outcomes through research, innovative service models and training our future workforce.

The sum of Joy’s experiences has given her a well rounded insight into the importance of effective, socially progressive governments.

The current ACT Government Ministry

Jon Stanhope, MLA Chief Minister
Minister for Transport
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services
Minister for Business and Economic Development
Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Minister for the Arts and Heritage
Member for Ginninderra
Katy Gallagher, MLA Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Health
Minister for Community Services
Minister for Women
Member for Molonglo
Simon Corbell MLA Attorney General
Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water
Minister for Energy
Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Member for Molonglo
Andrew Barr, MLA Minister for Education and Training
Minister for Children and Young People
Minister for Planning
Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation
Member for Molonglo
Joy Burch, MLA Minister for Disability and Housing
Minister for Ageing
Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for Corrections
Member for Brindabella