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Western Australia COVID-19 Response: Interim Restrictions – Perth and Peel 26th April 2021
Western Australia COVID-19 Response: Three-Day Lockdown – Perth and Peel 23rd April 2021
2021 Collated Sitting Calendar 21st April 2021
2021 Western Australian Cabinet 18th March 2021
Western Australian Election 2021: Results and Policies 14th March 2021
Western Australian Election 2021 4th February 2021
Anthony Albanese: 2020 Federal Budget in Reply 13th October 2020
Western Australia 2020-21 State Budget 9th October 2020
Anthony Albanese: Speech to the McKell Institute 1st October 2020
National Response to COVID-19: 24 August 2020 24th August 2020
WA Recovery Plan 27th July 2020
WA New Chief Medical Officer Mental Health 9th July 2020
WA COVID-19 Roadmap Phase 4, 5 and 6 23rd June 2020
WA New Procurement Debarment Regime 15th June 2020
2020 Collated Sitting Calendar (June edition) 2nd June 2020
Western Australia: Treasurer Provides COVID-19 Economic Update 28th May 2020
COVID-19 Stimulus Packages – Collated 22nd May 2020
Western Australia: Major Planning Reforms to Drive Economic Recovery 20th May 2020
WA COVID-19 Relaxation and Path Ahead 15th May 2020
Education Resumption by State 12th May 2020
WA Corona Virus Economic Recovery Package 23rd April 2020
WA Commercial and Residential Tenancy Support Measures 15th April 2020
COVID-19 Updated 2020 Collated Sitting Calendar 26th March 2020
Western Australia Corona Virus Economic Stimulus Package 18th March 2020
Minor change to WA McGowan Government Ministry 18th December 2019
2020 Collated Sitting Calendar 6th December 2019
WA Treasurer Delivers Third McGowan Labor Government Budget 10th May 2019
Market-led Proposals Policy to commence in Western Australia on 12 April 2019 11th April 2019
New Zealand announces Digital Services Tax proposal 19th February 2019
2019 Collated Sitting Calendar 25th January 2019
Western Australia’s 2018-19 Mid-Year Review 20th December 2018
McGowan Government minor reshuffle 13th December 2018
2018-2019 Western Australia Budget 10th May 2018
Special Inquiry into WA Government Programs and Projects 21st February 2018
WA Premier releases Service Priority Review Final Report 6th December 2017
Major Changes to Western Australia’s Government Departments 28th April 2017
One Nation Policy Brief 4th April 2017
Western Australia McGowan Ministry List 21st March 2017
WA Elections results and McGowan Government’s priorities and policies 14th March 2017
Re-Opening of Hawker Britton WA Office 13th March 2017