John-Paul Blandthorn


John-Paul is a Director at Hawker Britton’s Victorian Office where he specialises in providing strategic advice to business on the operations of both the Victorian and Federal Labor Governments.

Having worked in a senior role for the Premier of Victoria and for the Federal Leader of the Opposition John-Paul is highly regarded by both the political and organisational wings of the labour movement in Victoria and nationally.

Additionally, having worked closely with the central and ancillary departments to develop briefs for the Victorian Cabinet he is expert on the processes of government. This provides John-Paul with rare insight into identifying relevant government targets within a decision-making process at a particular point of time.

John-Paul has been involved in all election campaigns based out of Victoria in recent times and continues to play a key role in providing strategic thought within the labour movement.

Being a senior elected official for the Australian Workers’ Union for more than ten years John-Paul provides a level of detail and expertise into the world of industrial relations and the labour movement that is second to none and an invaluable resource for clients.

John-Paul has completed a MBA from a Group of Eight University; BExSc (Hons); and a BHlthSc and continues to advance his learnings. He is also well regarded in the sporting industry where he continues to serve as a Director of both the Australian Netball Players’ Association and the Victorian Jockeys Association where he advocates for the rights of members.

Tel: + 61 3 9034 3021

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