Ankita Panjratan

Policy and Business Analyst

Ankita Panjratan is based in Hawker Britton’s Federal office and assists the company’s directors with business and policy analysis.  

Since 2015, Ankita has worked on numerous political campaigns across the country as part of the NGO sector and as an employee of the Australian Labor Party. This provides her with valuable insight into how political parties operate and how they engage with the private sector. Through her campaign work, Ankita has developed networks within unions as well as within Federal and State offices.  

Ankita has also worked for Federal MPs and Ministers in the Palaszczuk Government, through which she has gained an understanding of how a political office operates.  

Ankita holds a Bachelor of Arts (Geography and Politics) Degree from the University of Melbourne. As part of her degree, she studied abroad in Shanghai and under scholarship at the University of Durham. 

Mob: + 61 448 946 633

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