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South Australian Government to launch energy supply tender 18th September 2016
South Australia to Remove Outdated Legislation 19th July 2016
Nick Xenophon and NXT Policies 3rd July 2016
South Australian Government Department Leadership 20th June 2016
South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Final Report 9th May 2016
South Australia Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Tentative Findings 18th February 2016
South Australian Northern Economic Plan 27th January 2016
Changes to the South Australian Ministry 18th January 2016
South Australian Economic Priorities Review 24th November 2015
Reforms to South Australian Government Contracts and Local Jobs Focus 7th October 2015
South Australia: Reforming Democracy policy statement 13th August 2015
South Australian Changes to the Late Night Code 30th July 2015
Appointment of South Australian investment attraction agency Chairman 12th July 2015
South Australian Government's Response to the Expert Panel on Planning Reform 26th March 2015
South Australian Governor's Speech 11th February 2015
South Australia State Tax Review 11th February 2015
South Australia Royal Commission into nuclear energy 8th February 2015
South Australian Time Zone Change Proposal 5th February 2015
South Australian Ministry Reshuffle 3rd February 2015
Fisher By-election 15th December 2014
South Australian Economic Priorities: The Knowledge State 4th December 2014
South Australian 'Return to Work' Scheme 30th October 2014
South Australian Boards and Committees Final Report 30th October 2014
New chief executive for HealthInSA 28th October 2014
SA 'Transforming Health' Discussion Paper 21st October 2014
South Australian guidelines for unsolicited bids 6th October 2014
South Australian Boards and Committees Interim Report 25th September 2014
South Australian Departmental Heads 21st September 2014
South Australian Economic Reform Agenda 11th August 2014
Reform of South Australian Workers' Compensation System 6th August 2014
Local Jobs Focus for South Australian Government Contracts 30th July 2014
South Australian Regulatory Reforms to Improve Private Sector Development 13th July 2014
South Australian Electoral Laws and Practices Committee 1st June 2014
Updated South Australian Ministry List 26th May 2014
Changes to the South Australian Ministry 26th May 2014
South Australian Department of State Development 7th May 2014
South Australian sitting dates 2014 3rd April 2014
Labor retains government in South Australia 22nd March 2014
South Australian election results 16th March 2014
South Australian Election Brief 16th February 2014
Let's keep building South Australia - Labor's policy plan 16th February 2014
Closure of GM Holden - South Australian Government Response 21st January 2014
South Australian capital works projects accelerated 12th January 2014
First report of South Australia's Expert Panel on Planning Reform 11th December 2013
South Australian 2013-14 Mid-Year Budget Review 3rd December 2013
South Australian Government High Quality Education Policy 26th November 2013
South Australian Major Developments Directory 24th November 2013
South Australian Children, Technology and Gambling Policy 21st November 2013
South Australian Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan 22nd October 2013
South Australian Future Fund 23rd September 2013
Adelaide Riverbank Development 26th June 2013
South Australian Economic Statement 2013 1st April 2013
South Australian Cabinet Reshuffle 20th January 2013
South Australian 2012-13 Mid-Year Budget Review 20th December 2012
South Australian Energy Market Deregulation 18th December 2012
Olympic Dam Expansion Project 14th November 2012
South Australia's Workcover Improvement Project 31st October 2012
Adelaide's Planning and Development Reforms Finalised 28th October 2012
South Australian Electoral Redistribution 23rd August 2012
South Australian Hospital Budget Performance Review Reports 30th July 2012
Bilateral Cooperation in the Mining Industry between South Australia and Chile 10th July 2012
South Australian Budget 2012-13: E-Health 6th June 2012
South Australian Budget 2012-13 30th May 2012
Tonsley Park: Clean tech hub in South Australia 29th May 2012
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Bill: South Australia 3rd May 2012
Reform of Adelaide's Planning and Development Laws 28th March 2012
Real estate reforms in South Australia 28th February 2012
A South Australian Future Fund 16th February 2012
South Australian 2011-12 Mid-Year Budget Review 15th December 2011
South Australian Ministry Update 20th October 2011
South Australian Government Update 10th August 2011
South Australian Ministry Update 23rd June 2011
South Australian Ministry Update 7th February 2011
New South Australian Ministry and Shadow Ministry 12th April 2010
South Australian Election Result Confirmation 8th April 2010
South Australian 2010 Election Brief 17th February 2010
New South Australian Shadow Cabinet 22nd July 2009
SA Budget 2009-2010 18th July 2009
South Australian Cabinet Reshuffle 2nd March 2009
South Australia Mid-Term Cabinet Reshuffle 30th July 2008
South Australia - Shadow Cabinet and Parliamentary Secretary Positions 30th January 2008
South Australia Appoints Minister for Water Security 27th February 2007
Mining in South Australia 8th June 2006
South Australian Shadow Ministry 6th April 2006
SA Election 2006 23rd March 2006
South Australian Ministerial Reshuffle 4th November 2005