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2016 ACT election 2nd November 2016
ACT Ministry October 2016 2nd November 2016
How the Senate has Voted 23rd October 2016
Federal Labor Shadow Ministry 10th October 2016
Federal Labor Shadow Ministry 22nd July 2016
One Nation Policies 14th July 2016
Federal Labor: 2016 Election Policy Announcements and Costings 28th June 2016
Federal Labor: 10 Year Economic Plan 7th June 2016
44th Parliament - How the Senate has Voted 26th May 2016
2016 Federal Budget in Reply 5th May 2016
Changes to the ALP Shadow Ministry 4th May 2016
Federal Opposition climate policy 26th April 2016
Changes to ACT Ministry 21st January 2016
ALP National Sharing Economy Principles 25th October 2015
Changes to the ALP Shadow Ministry 12th October 2015
ALP Empower Infrastructure Australia Policy 8th October 2015
Laborís Innovation and Education Economy Policy 1st October 2015
2015 Federal Budget Reply 14th May 2015
Senate Table of Divisions from 7 September 2014 to 26 March 2015 30th April 2015
How the Senate Has Voted Occasional Paper May 2015 30th April 2015
The Current Senate 12th March 2015
ALP Federal Economic Priorities 4th March 2015
Federal Labor's Empower Infrastructure Australia Policy 8th February 2015
ACT Ministry Update 20th January 2015
ACT Labor Representatives 15th January 2015
National Broadband Network Update 18th December 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries December 2014 14th December 2014
How the Senate has voted 7th December 2014
Changes to the ACT Legislative Assembly 4th December 2014
Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie 23rd November 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries October 2014 9th October 2014
Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance and Minimisation 2nd October 2014
Updated Federal Shadow Ministry List 25th September 2014
Labor's Urban Policy Priorities 23rd September 2014
Labor's Economic Policy Priorities 22nd September 2014
Parliamentary Budget Office 22nd September 2014
Forthcoming elections 21st September 2014
How the Senate has voted 17th September 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries September 2014 7th September 2014
Labor's Agricultural Policy Priorities 19th August 2014
National Broadband Network Update 3rd July 2014
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2nd July 2014
ACT Light Rail Project - Capital Metro Update 2nd July 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries June 2014 29th June 2014
The Second Williams High Court Decision 19th June 2014
Nick Xenophon 15th June 2014
The Democratic Labour Party 10th June 2014
The Liberal Democratic Party 1st June 2014
Federal Labor's plan to deliver growth through Entrepreneurship and Innovation 19th May 2014
National Commission of Audit - Past and Present 4th May 2014
Senate results 29th April 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries March 2014 26th March 2014
Labor's social policy reform process 27th February 2014
High Court findings on WA Senate Election 19th February 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries February 2014 16th February 2014
Closure of GM Holden - Federal Government Response 19th January 2014
The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party 9th January 2014
ACT Light Rail Project - Capital Metro 7th January 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries December 2013 19th December 2013
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) 11th December 2013
2013-14 Update of the ACT Government Infrastructure Plan 9th December 2013
High Speed Rail 9th December 2013
Better Schools Plan 3rd December 2013
2014 Parliamentary sittings 24th November 2013
Agency Snapshot: Infrastructure Australia 19th November 2013
Current Senate Inquiries 14th November 2013
Parliamentary Committees 10th November 2013
Participating in the inquiry process 10th November 2013
Commonwealth Agencies Update 10th November 2013
Changes to non-statutory bodies 7th November 2013
2013 Parliamentary sittings 20th October 2013
Shadow Ministry Appointments 17th October 2013
Election of Federal Labor Leadership and Shadow Ministry 13th October 2013
Bill Shorten elected Federal Labor Leader 12th October 2013
Updated Federal election results 23rd September 2013
Agency Snapshot: The Productivity Commission 22nd September 2013
Commonwealth Agencies Update 22nd September 2013
Appointment of Commonwealth Departmental Secretaries and Administrative Arrangements Order 17th September 2013
First Abbott Ministry 15th September 2013
Election of a new Federal Labor leader 12th September 2013
Update on the Federal election outcome 11th September 2013
How the Independents voted in the House of the 43rd Parliament 11th September 2013
Pre Election Fiscal Outlook 13th August 2013
Economic Statement August 2013 1st August 2013
Emissions Trading Scheme to commence 1 July 2014 15th July 2013
National Productivity Pact 10th July 2013
Direct election of Federal Labor leader 8th July 2013
Infrastructure Australia Annual Report and Updated National Priority List 3rd July 2013
Kevin Rudd's Ministry 30th June 2013
Carbon Price Update 19th May 2013
The National Broadband Network 9th May 2013
The National Plan for School Improvement & the Gonski Review of School Funding 22nd April 2013
High Speed Rail 17th April 2013
Forthcoming Australian Election Dates 10th April 2013
White Paper: Australia in the Asian Century 3rd April 2013
Agency Snapshot: The Productivity Commission 3rd April 2013
Review into the Size of the ACT Legislative Assembly 20th March 2013
A Plan for Australian Jobs 17th February 2013
Second Gillard Ministry update 3rd February 2013
Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse 14th January 2013
How the Independents have voted in the House 4th December 2012
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) 4th December 2012
The Murray Darling Basin Plan 25th November 2012
The Expanded Australian Marine Reserve Network 15th November 2012
The 2012 Energy White Paper 8th November 2012
ACT Election Result 2012 7th November 2012
ACT Cabinet 7th November 2012
Second Gillard Ministry (printer friendly version) 29th October 2012
More Water to the Murray Darling Basin 25th October 2012
Data Centre as a Service Multi Use List 24th October 2012
Electricity Network Regulation Inquiry 21st October 2012
Australian Public Service ICT Strategy 8th October 2012
Departments and Secretaries List 27th September 2012
ACT Light Rail Project - Capital Metro 20th September 2012
Parliamentary Committee Inquiries 20th September 2012
How the Independents voted in the House of the 43rd Parliament 11th September 2012
Agency Snapshot: Infrastructure Australia 11th September 2012
National Land Freight Strategy 6th September 2012
Dental Health Reform Package 28th August 2012
The Prime Minister's Manufacturing Taskforce 15th August 2012
Business Tax Working Group Discussion Paper 12th August 2012
Policy Implementation 1 July 2012 28th June 2012
Williams High Court Decision 25th June 2012
Infrastructure Financing and Funding Reform Report 14th June 2012
The Prime Minister's Economic Forum 11th June 2012
How the Independents have voted in the House 10th June 2012
The Clean Energy Finance Corporation 28th May 2012
The Significant Investor Visa 27th May 2012
The Murray Darling Basin Plan 27th May 2012
Skills for all Australians 15th May 2012
Oil and Gas 14th May 2012
The Prime Minister's Economic Forum 3rd May 2012
The 32nd Meeting of COAG 16th April 2012
Co-investment in GM Holden 26th March 2012
Review into the Size of the ACT Legislative Assembly 20th March 2012
The COAG Business Advisory Fourm 5th March 2012
New Gillard Ministry 1st March 2012
How the Independents have voted in the House 27th February 2012
Parliamentary sitting patterns 16th February 2012
Clean Technology Investment Programs 16th February 2012
How the Independents have voted in the House 22nd January 2012
Review of the Fair Work Act 18th January 2012
Draft Energy White Paper 2011 12th December 2011
Update on Gambling Reform in Australia 11th December 2011
Current Parliamentary Inquiries 4th December 2011
Health Agenda Update 27th November 2011
Election of Speaker of the House of Representatives 23rd November 2011
Minerals Resource Rent Tax Guide 22nd November 2011
Uranium Export and the ALP National Conference 15th November 2011
Trans-Pacific Partnership 13th November 2011
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission 13th November 2011
How the Independents have voted in the House 6th November 2011
Parliamentary Sittings 2012 31st October 2011
Departments and Secretaries List 24th October 2011
How the Independents have voted in the House 17th October 2011
Henry Tax Review Update 12th October 2011
Australian Labor Party Platform Consultation Draft 6th October 2011
Government Legislative Agenda - Spring 2011 Sittings 22nd September 2011
Gillard Government Cabinet & Ministry 11th September 2011
How the Independents have voted in the House 30th August 2011
Changes to the EPBC Act 23rd August 2011
Caring For Older Australians - Final Report 7th August 2011
Australian Public Service Appointments 4th August 2011
Health Reform Update 2nd August 2011
How the Independents have voted in the House 14th July 2011
Government Announces Defence Procurement Reform 30th June 2011
Australian Greens' Policy Statements 28th June 2011
2011 Climate Change Brief 27th June 2011
The New Senate 26th June 2011
Australian Greens Portfolio Responsibilities 26th June 2011
Productivity Commission Report on Carbon Emissions Policies in Key Economies 8th June 2011
Treasurer Updates Economic Modelling on Carbon Pricing 6th June 2011
Australian Public Service and Australian Defence Force Appointments 31st May 2011
ACT Ministry Update 16th May 2011
Sustainable Population Strategy 12th May 2011
Change in ACT Chief Minister 8th May 2011
Reforms to Australia's Trade Policy 2nd May 2011
New ALP National Secretary Endorsed 18th April 2011
Prime Minister Frames Budget Workplace Participation Measures 13th April 2011
Climate Change Update 12th April 2011
How the Independents have voted in the house 3rd April 2011
Regional Development Australia Fund 2nd March 2011
Disability Care and Support 27th February 2011
Carbon Price Mechanism 23rd February 2011
Federal Government Call for e-Health Partners 15th February 2011
Flood and Cyclone Recovery Measures 10th February 2011
Caring for Older Australians - Draft Report 20th January 2011
Guide to the National Ports Strategy 16th January 2011
Departmental Secretaries 20th December 2010
The Future of Australian Trade Policy - Craig Emerson 9th December 2010
Summary of the First Session of the 43rd Parliament 29th November 2010
Parliamentary Sittings 2011 22nd November 2010
How the Independents have voted in the House 21st November 2010
Health Ministers' Conference 15th November 2010
Prime Minister's Speech - The measure of progress is in the years 10th November 2010
Parliamentary Committees 25th October 2010
Climate Change Committee 30th September 2010
Labor Government and the Post-Election Outlook 26th September 2010
Government Legislative Agenda - Spring 2010 Sittings 22nd September 2010
Shadow Ministry 14th September 2010
Parliamentary Sittings 2010 8th September 2010
Greens-Labor Agreement 31st August 2010
Hung Parliament Negotiations 25th August 2010
Federal Election 2010 - Update 22nd August 2010
Hung Parliament Conventions 22nd August 2010
Federal Election 2010 8th August 2010
Pre Election Fiscal Outlook 25th July 2010
Defence Industry Policy Statement 2010 1st July 2010
Infrastructure Priority List - July 2010 1st July 2010
Coalition Policy Statement: 'Our Action Contract' 27th June 2010
Bio: Prime Minister Julia Gillard 23rd June 2010
Update on the National Broadband Network 20th June 2010
National Broadband Network Overview 12th May 2010
COAG Health Agreement 19th April 2010
Henry Tax Review Update 7th April 2010
Health Agenda Announcements 30th March 2010
Prime Minister's Task Group on Energy Efficiency 29th March 2010
Changes to the Shadow Ministry 25th March 2010
Leaders' Debate on Health & Hospital Policy 22nd March 2010
National Health and Hospitals Network (NHHN) 2nd March 2010
Federal Election Timing 1st February 2010
The Coalition's Direct Action Plan: Environment and Climate Change 1st February 2010
Industrial Relations Update 20th December 2009
Update on Emissions Trading Scheme Negotiations 23rd November 2009
Health Ministers Conference 15th November 2009
Understanding Coalition Amendments to the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 27th October 2009
Parliamentary Sittings 2010 25th October 2009
By-Elections for Bradfield and Higgins 25th October 2009
Update on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 18th October 2009
ACT Government - John Hargreaves Resignation from Ministry 12th October 2009
Final Budget Outcome 2008-09 28th September 2009
Preventative Health Taskforce Report: National Preventative Health Strategy 3rd September 2009
Electorate Profile: Bradfield 25th August 2009
New Commowealth Department Appointments 13th August 2009
Australian Labor Party National Conference 2009 2nd August 2009
Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines 28th July 2009
Final Report - National Health and Hospitals Commission 26th July 2009
Climate Change Agenda : Current Developments 23rd July 2009
Introduction of the New Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Legislation 29th May 2009
Federal Government announces changes to the CPRS 28th May 2009
Budget 2009-10: Health Overview 27th May 2009
Government Rollout of the Economic Stimulus Plan 29th April 2009
Australian Labor Party National Conference 28th April 2009
The New National Broadband Network 21st April 2009
Release of Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Exposure Draft Legislation 28th March 2009
Australian National Accounts- December Quarter 2008 5th March 2009
Strengthening Trans-Tasman Cooperation 2nd March 2009
$42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Package 27th February 2009
Interim Report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission 25th February 2009
Rudd Government Cabinet and Ministry 20th February 2009
Shadow Cabinet Changes 15th February 2009
Nation-Building Funds and the Infrastructure Priority List 27th January 2009
Government Release of the Climate Change White Paper 21st December 2008
National Security Statement 21st December 2008
Review of Higher Education Final Report 20th December 2008
The Carbon White Paper: Real Politic, Business Opportunities and What to Do 19th December 2008
$4.7 Billion Nation Building Package 19th December 2008
Council of Australian Governments Meeting 29th November 2008
Government Tenders 29th November 2008
Fair Work Bill 27th November 2008
ACCC Revised Merger Guidelines 27th November 2008
New Industrial Relations Legislation 20th November 2008
Australian Government One Year Progress Report 20th November 2008
6.2 billion package for automotive industry 12th November 2008
Australian Government 1 year progress report 3rd November 2008
Garnaut Climate Change Review - Final Report 29th October 2008
Garnaut Climate Change Review 29th October 2008
Global Financial Crisis - Government Response 13th October 2008
Infrastructure Australia 29th September 2008
Australia - New Workplace Relations System 27th September 2008
Senior Government Appointments 27th September 2008
Infrastructure Australia's National Audit 26th September 2008
Legal Services Reform 25th September 2008
Housing Affordability Fund 19th September 2008
Government News - April 2008 17th September 2008
National Innovation Review 14th September 2008
The New Senate 27th August 2008
PM Address to National Press Club 26th August 2008
Tax System Review Discussion Paper 25th August 2008
Financial Services Summit & New AG Dept Secretary 30th July 2008
Release of Federal Government Green Paper on Emissions Trading Scheme 29th July 2008
Outcomes of the Australian Health Ministers - Conference 21st July 2008
Summary of G8 Summit Meeting 9th July 2008
Ministerial Reshuffle June 2009 6th July 2008
Parliamentary Committees 3rd July 2008
National Employment Standards 28th June 2008
Green Paper on Financial Services and Credit Reform 28th June 2008
Australia 2020 Summit: Initial Summit Report 27th April 2008
Australia 2020 Summit 20th April 2008
Future Election Dates for Australia - States 29th March 2008
Government Requests Intellectual Property Reform Submission 20th March 2008
Two Important Government Reviews for Business 27th February 2008
Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility Public Affairs 31st January 2008
A Rudd Labor Government and Business 21st December 2007
New Commonwealth Departmental Secretaries 20th December 2007
The Rudd Government - Cabinet and Ministry 29th November 2007
Federal Election Occasional Paper 21st November 2007
New Federal Shadow Ministry 10th December 2006
Productivity Commission Research Paper 27th August 2006
Electoral and Referendum Amendment Bill 2005 29th June 2006
Forthcoming Australian Elections 28th September 2005
Federal Opposition Leader Reshuffles Front Bench 26th June 2005
Kim Beazley's Shadow Ministry June 2005 23rd June 2005
New Federal Ministry and Shadow Ministry - 41st Australian Parliament 29th October 2004
2004 Federal Election 28th September 2004
Caretaker Conventions - Federal Election 2004 28th April 2004
Health Reforms Pass Upper House 21st April 2004