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NSW Budget 2007/08 19th June 2007
South Australian Budget 2007-2008 7th June 2007
Queensland Budget 2007-2008 4th June 2007
The Owen Inquiry into the Supply of Electricity in NSW 30th May 2007
Changes to NSW Government Agencies 30th May 2007
NSW Government Ministers 29th May 2007
Report Update 29th May 2007
NSW Parliamentary Secretaries 29th May 2007
New Ministerial Responsibilities for WA Cabinet 30th March 2007
New Office of the Coordinator General in NSW 27th February 2007
Organisational Restructure of the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet 27th February 2007
South Australia Appoints Minister for Water Security 27th February 2007
Bimonthly Report Update – January 2007 29th January 2007
Sale of Queensland Energy Assets 20th December 2006
New Queensland Department of Infrastructure Delivery 20th December 2006
Western Australian Cabinet Reshuffle 12th December 2006
New Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines 10th December 2006
New Federal Shadow Ministry 10th December 2006
Access to Water in NSW 29th November 2006
NSW State Plan – What it means for business 29th November 2006
Amendments to the NSW State Planning System 29th November 2006
Mandatory Renewable Energy Targets for NSW 29th November 2006
NSW Urban Transport Statement – Opportunities for the Private Sector 27th November 2006
Victorian Cabinet Reshuffle 26th November 2006
IPART’s Investigation into the Burden of Regulation in NSW and Improving Regulatory Efficiency 9th November 2006
Western Australia Domestic Gas Reservation Policy 30th October 2006
NSW Treasury Restructure 30th October 2006
October Bimonthly Report Update 30th October 2006
Review of ICT Governance within the Queensland Government 28th October 2006
NSW Government Caretaker Conventions 29th September 2006
South Australian State Budget 2006-2007 21st September 2006
WA Green Paper to Guide Infrastructure Planning and Investment 14th September 2006
Queensland Parliament Reshuffle 10th September 2006
Northern Territory Cabinet Reshuffle 31st August 2006
August Bimonthly Report Update 30th August 2006
Productivity Commission Research Paper 27th August 2006
Queensland Political and Election Briefing 14th August 2006
NSW Government Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan 31st July 2006
Audit Office of NSW – Reports and Audits 30th July 2006
Queensland Ministerial List 29th July 2006