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Northern Territory Cabinet Reshuffle 9th February 2009
Northern Territory Cabinet Reshuffle 4th February 2009
Nation-Building Funds and the Infrastructure Priority List 27th January 2009
Victorian Cabinet Reshuffle 19th January 2009
Victorian Cabinet Reshuffle 19th January 2009
Review of Operation Sunlight 21st December 2008
National Security Statement 21st December 2008
Government Release of the Climate Change White Paper 21st December 2008
Review of Higher Education Final Report 20th December 2008
$4.7 Billion Nation Building Package 19th December 2008
The Carbon White Paper: Real Politic, Business Opportunities and What to Do 19th December 2008
Queensland Government – Major Economic Statement – Mild Year Fiscal and Economic Review 10th December 2008
NSW Report Update – November 2008 29th November 2008
Government Tenders 29th November 2008
Council of Australian Governments Meeting 29th November 2008
Fair Work Bill 27th November 2008
ACCC Revised Merger Guidelines 27th November 2008
2008 NSW Parliament Sitting Pattern 24th November 2008
Australian Government One Year Progress Report 20th November 2008
New Industrial Relations Legislation 20th November 2008
6.2 billion package for automotive industry 12th November 2008
NSW Mini-Budget 2008-09 11th November 2008
Public Hospital Acute Care Services in NSW 5th November 2008
Australian Government 1 year progress report 3rd November 2008
NSW News Update 1st November 2008
NSW News Update 1st November 2008
NSW News Update 1st November 2008
Garnaut Climate Change Review 29th October 2008
Garnaut Climate Change Review – Final Report 29th October 2008
Global Financial Crisis – Government Response 13th October 2008
Infrastructure Australia 29th September 2008
Senior Government Appointments 27th September 2008
Australia – New Workplace Relations System 27th September 2008
Infrastructure Australia’s National Audit 26th September 2008
Legal Services Reform 25th September 2008
Housing Affordability Fund 19th September 2008
New Cabinet for Western Australia 18th September 2008
Tasmanian Cabinet Reshuffle 17th September 2008
Government News – April 2008 17th September 2008
National Innovation Review 14th September 2008