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Health Agenda Announcements 30th March 2010
Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency 29th March 2010
Changes to the Shadow Ministry 25th March 2010
Leaders’ Debate on Health & Hospital Policy 22nd March 2010
New Queensland Lobbyist Code of Conduct 17th March 2010
NSW Government List as of 10 March 2010 14th March 2010
National Health and Hospitals Network (NHHN) 2nd March 2010
South Australian 2010 Election Brief 17th February 2010
Tasmanian 2010 election overview 11th February 2010
Tasmania – AAA rating and Infrastructure Strategy 10th February 2010
Future Election Dates 8th February 2010
Queensland Economic Review January 2010 2nd February 2010
Federal Election Timing 1st February 2010
The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan: Environment and Climate Change 1st February 2010
Victorian Cabinet Reshuffle 19th January 2010
NSW Government Cabinet as of 5 January 2010 6th January 2010
Industrial Relations Update 20th December 2009
New Director-General of NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet 8th December 2009
NSW Government Cabinet – as of 8 December 7th December 2009
NSW Government Structure – November Update 26th November 2009
Update on Emissions Trading Scheme Negotiations 23rd November 2009
NSW Cabinet Reshuffle – (out of date) 15th November 2009
Health Ministers Conference 15th November 2009
Queensland Announces Integrity and Accountability Reforms 9th November 2009
Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) 1st November 2009
Understanding Coalition Amendments to the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 27th October 2009
By-Elections for Bradfield and Higgins 25th October 2009
Parliamentary Sittings 2010 25th October 2009
NSW Government Super Departments Structure – Updated 20th October 2009
Update on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 18th October 2009
ACT Government – John Hargreaves Resignation from Ministry 12th October 2009
Final Budget Outcome 2008-09 28th September 2009
NSW Government List as of 29 September 2009 28th September 2009
NSW Cabinet as of 11 September 2009 10th September 2009
NSW Energy Reform Transaction Strategy 9th September 2009
Preventative Health Taskforce Report: National Preventative Health Strategy 3rd September 2009
Electorate Profile: Bradfield 25th August 2009
NSW Government Appoints Chair of Better Services 19th August 2009
New Commowealth Department Appointments 13th August 2009
NT No Confidence Vote 13th August 2009