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Budget Estimates 13th May 2014
Victorian State Budget Reply 7th May 2014
South Australian Department of State Development 7th May 2014
National Commission of Audit – Past and Present 4th May 2014
Western Australian Senate re-election result 29th April 2014
Senate results 29th April 2014
Reform of the Australian Labor Party 21st April 2014
Blain By-election Brief 6th April 2014
South Australian sitting dates 2014 3rd April 2014
Federal, State and Territory Budget dates 2014-15 30th March 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries March 2014 26th March 2014
Labor retains government in South Australia 22nd March 2014
South Australian election results 16th March 2014
Updated Queensland Shadow Ministry List 4th March 2014
WA Senate Election 2014 27th February 2014
Labor’s social policy reform process 27th February 2014
High Court findings on WA Senate Election 19th February 2014
Let’s keep building South Australia – Labor’s policy plan 16th February 2014
South Australian Election Brief 16th February 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries February 2014 16th February 2014
Closure of GM Holden – South Australian Government Response 21st January 2014
Closure of GM Holden – Federal Government Response 19th January 2014
Tasmanian Election Brief 15th January 2014
South Australian capital works projects accelerated 12th January 2014
The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party 9th January 2014
ACT Light Rail Project – Capital Metro 7th January 2014
Victorian Shadow Ministry Update 19th December 2013
Current Parliamentary Inquiries December 2013 19th December 2013
The 36th Meeting of COAG 15th December 2013
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) 11th December 2013
First report of South Australia’s Expert Panel on Planning Reform 11th December 2013
2013-14 Update of the ACT Government Infrastructure Plan 9th December 2013
High Speed Rail 9th December 2013
South Australian 2013-14 Mid-Year Budget Review 3rd December 2013
Better Schools Plan 3rd December 2013
South Australian Government High Quality Education Policy 26th November 2013
South Australian Major Developments Directory 24th November 2013
2014 Parliamentary sittings 24th November 2013
South Australian Children, Technology and Gambling Policy 21st November 2013
Project 10,000: Victorian Labor’s Transport Alternative 19th November 2013