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South Australian Future Fund 23rd September 2013
Commonwealth Agencies Update 22nd September 2013
Agency Snapshot: The Productivity Commission 22nd September 2013
Appointment of Commonwealth Departmental Secretaries and Administrative Arrangements Order 17th September 2013
First Abbott Ministry 15th September 2013
Election of a new Federal Labor leader 12th September 2013
How the Independents voted in the House of the 43rd Parliament 11th September 2013
Update on the Federal election outcome 11th September 2013
Pre Election Fiscal Outlook 13th August 2013
Election Timetable and Caretaker Conventions 4th August 2013
Economic Statement August 2013 1st August 2013
Emissions Trading Scheme to commence 1 July 2014 15th July 2013
National Productivity Pact 10th July 2013
Direct election of Federal Labor leader 8th July 2013
Infrastructure Australia Annual Report and Updated National Priority List 3rd July 2013
Victorian Electoral Boundaries Redistribution 30th June 2013
Kevin Rudd’s Ministry 30th June 2013
Adelaide Riverbank Development 26th June 2013
The South Australian 2013-14 Budget 5th June 2013
ACT Budget 2013-14 4th June 2013
Tasmanian Employment Incentive Scheme 2nd June 2013
National Cloud Computing Strategy 29th May 2013
National Food Plan 27th May 2013
Tasmanian Budget 2013-14 22nd May 2013
Carbon Price Update 19th May 2013
Budget 2013-14: Health 15th May 2013
Budget 2013-14: Infrastructure 14th May 2013
The 2013-14 Federal Budget Overview 13th May 2013
The National Broadband Network 9th May 2013
Victorian State Budget Reply 8th May 2013
2013 Defence White Paper 5th May 2013
National Disability Insurance Scheme 30th April 2013
The National Plan for School Improvement & the Gonski Review of School Funding 22nd April 2013
The 35th Meeting of COAG 21st April 2013
High Speed Rail 17th April 2013
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) 16th April 2013
Forthcoming Australian Election Dates 10th April 2013
West Australian Shadow Cabinet 10th April 2013
Superannuation Reform 4th April 2013
Agency Snapshot: The Productivity Commission 3rd April 2013