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Stafford By-election Results 20th August 2014
Commonwealth Departmental Secretaries Update 19th August 2014
Labor’s Agricultural Policy Priorities 19th August 2014
South Australian Economic Reform Agenda 11th August 2014
Reform of South Australian Workers’ Compensation System 6th August 2014
Local Jobs Focus for South Australian Government Contracts 30th July 2014
South Australian Regulatory Reforms to Improve Private Sector Development 13th July 2014
Updated ACT Ministry List 7th July 2014
National Broadband Network Update 3rd July 2014
ACT Light Rail Project – Capital Metro Update 2nd July 2014
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2nd July 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries June 2014 29th June 2014
The Second Williams High Court Decision 19th June 2014
South Australian Budget 2014-15 18th June 2014
Nick Xenophon 15th June 2014
Suspension of the Member for Frankston 11th June 2014
Stafford By-election Brief 10th June 2014
The Democratic Labour Party 10th June 2014
ACT Budget 2014-15 3rd June 2014
South Australian Electoral Laws and Practices Committee 1st June 2014
The Family First Party 1st June 2014
The Liberal Democratic Party 1st June 2014
Changes to the South Australian Ministry 26th May 2014
Updated South Australian Ministry List 26th May 2014
Queensland Labor’s Workers’ Compensation Policy 19th May 2014
Federal Labor’s plan to deliver growth through Entrepreneurship and Innovation 19th May 2014
Council for the Australian Federation Meeting 18th May 2014
Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence 18th May 2014
Federal Budget Reply 15th May 2014
Budget Estimates 13th May 2014
South Australian Department of State Development 7th May 2014
Victorian State Budget Reply 7th May 2014
National Commission of Audit – Past and Present 4th May 2014
Western Australian Senate re-election result 29th April 2014
Senate results 29th April 2014
Reform of the Australian Labor Party 21st April 2014
Blain By-election Brief 6th April 2014
South Australian sitting dates 2014 3rd April 2014
Federal, State and Territory Budget dates 2014-15 30th March 2014
Current Parliamentary Inquiries March 2014 26th March 2014