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Queensland Government’s Major Economic Statement –
Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review

December 2008

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On 10 December, Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser handed down the Bligh Government’s Major Economic Statement, detailing the Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review of the 2008-09 budget.

The review sought to address the deterioration of the State’s finances as a result of global financial and economic conditions.
Key points include:

Policy measures to address the state’s decreasing revenue include:

Treasurer Fraser maintained the Government’s planned $17 billion 2008-09 capital works program, which is estimated to support 119,000 jobs.

The State’s capital works program includes projects such as the Gateway Bridge duplication, the Eastern Busway, Gold Coast Hospital and the Abbot Point Coal Terminal expansion.

For further information, see: http://www.treasury.qld.gov.au/office/knowledge/docs/mid-year-review/index.shtml

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