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Western Australia Budget

May 2008

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Western Australia’s Treasurer Eric Ripper yesterday handed down the state’s 2008-09 Budget.
The 2008-09 Budget marked the eighth consecutive balanced budget for Western Australia, and the third consecutive year of above 6% growth.

The Government’s expenditure will rise by 7.7 per cent in 08-09 for a total of $18 billion.
The three major planks of the budget are extensive capital works, housing affordability and tax cuts.

Key initiatives of the budget include:

Tax Cuts

Capital Works

A record $7.6 billion has been allocated for capital works in 2008-09 including:

$26.1 billion over four years has been allocated to:

Affordable Housing


In 2008-09, $247 million will be spent on health, including:

Law and Order

In 2008-09, $138 million will be spent on law and order, including:

Child Protection


In 2008-09, $135 million will be spent on education and training including:

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