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Tasmanian Budget 2006/07

19th June 2006


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The first budget of the recently re-elected Lennon Government was brought down by Treasurer Michael Aird on 15 June 2006. Health was the budget’s key focus, with a total spend of $1.3 billion over the next four years.

1. Budget at a Glance
2. Tax Cuts and Fiscal Strategy
3. Health

The budget presents a concentration on health with $1.3 billion dedicated to this area, an increase of $346 million over four years

4. Education

The Education budget is $947 million with major commitments to increases in teachers’ salaries and a reduction of class sizes to below 25 students

5. Tourism

$88.3 million over four years was committed to promote Tasmania as Australia’s premier tourism destination.

6. Farm Sector

The Sustainable Management of Agriculture Resources in Tasmania (SMART) farming package of $22 million over four years is to foster growth in the rural sector.

  1. Water initiatives to enhance productivity - $7.5 million
  2. Dairy and vegetable industry re-establishment of research and training centres  - $6 million
7. Infrastructure

The overall budget commitment for infrastructure is $631 million.

This includes Health - $106 million, Roads - $332 million, Schools - $39 million and Community Sporting Facilities - $15.5 million

Highlights of the infrastructure commitment are:

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