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Queensland Mini Budget

28 October 2005

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The fact that this weeks Queensland Government Mini Budget was focused on health, was reflected in the initiatives reported in Hawker Britton’s PreMini Budget Occasional Paper. It is important to note however that the Government also outlined $2 billion worth of infrastructure initiatives, and sought to reassure the public that the program outlined is affordable. What follows is an outline of some of these key initiatives.

Changes to Surplus Projections

The Premier reported that due to the funding initiatives outlined in the Mini Budget the forecast
surplus for this financial year is expected to drop from $934 million to $718 million. In the years to
come it is expected that 2006/07 surplus will change from $588 million to $175 million, in 2008/09
from $556 million to $256 million and in 2009/10 from $220 million to $142 million.

Infrastructure Initiatives

The Premier outline the following $2 billion worth of infrastructure spending on top of the $8 billion
announced in the Budget in the middle of the year.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Finance Anna Bligh said the mini Budget reinforced her
Government's commitment to providing the building blocks to help grow Queensland.

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