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Queensland Budget 2008-09

June 2008

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Queensland Treasurer, Andrew Fraser, has delivered Queensland’s Budget for 2008-09.

Budget priorities include health, congestion management and infrastructure. Education and health together account for 47.3 percent of General Government sector expenses.

General Government revenues are budgeted to be $36.582 billion in 2008-09 and operating expenses are budgeted at $35.772 billion. A net operating surplus of $809 million is forecast for 2008-09.

The state’s net worth is expected to increase to $128.563 billion by 30 June 2009.

Key 2008-09 Budget initiatives include:



Over $17 billion in capital spending is estimated for 2008-09. This includes:


$6.98 billion for transport and main roads in 2008-09, including:

Mines and Energy

$144.4 million for mines and energy in 2008-09, including:

Coal Transport Infrastructure Investment Program
Natural Resources and Water

$560.7 million for natural resources and water in 2008-09, including:

$2.2 billion is provided for the $9 billion South East Queensland water grid. This includes:

Public Works


$8.352 billion is allocated for health in 2008-09. This includes:

Education, Training and the Arts

$7.03 billion in recurrent funding and $833.8 million capital funding is committed to the education, training and the arts in 2008-09. This includes:


$759 million for housing assistance in 2008-09, including:


The Environment Protection Authority anticipates spending of over $400 million in 2008-09. This includes:  

Primary Industries and Fisheries

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries has budgeted for total expenses of $342.4 million in 2008-09, including a Queensland Government investment of $248.3 million. This includes:

Community and Disability Services

The Department of Communities has allocated $690.9 million in recurrent expenditure in 2008-09, including;

Disability Services Queensland received an operational budget of $1.235 billion in 2008-09, comprising:

Child Safety

$586.6 million for the Department of Child Safety in 2008-09, including:

Justice and Attorney-General
Police and Corrective Services

$1.571 billion for Police including:

$511.2 million for Corrective Services including:

Local Government

$812 million in subsidies will be provided to councils. This includes:

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