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Changes to the Queensland Government

July 2005

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In the past week there have been a number of significant changes in the Queensland Government. The purpose of this Occasional Paper is to provide an outline of the most significant. Such big changes at the top of Government present businesses with both challenges and opportunities. Hawker Britton can help you focus your government relations strategy on the people that can impact on your business and the goals that you have set.

Ministerial Reshuffle

Events of the last week have triggered a significant Ministerial reshuffle. Whilst a complete list is attached, there are a number of changes worth considering in some detail.

Attached to this occasional paper is a complete list of Queensland Ministers, and the relevant Administrative Arrangements Order that sets out the Ministerial divisions of responsibility.

Bureaucratic Changes

Formerly the role of Coordinator-General sat with the Director-General of State Development and Innovation. In a move that indicates the Premier’s commitment to the implementation of the SEQ Infrastructure Plan, that role is now a stand-alone position within the Department of Premier and Cabinet and is filled by Ross Rolf on secondment from Stanwell Energy Corporation. Ross Rolf previously held the position of Director-General of State Development and Co-ordinator General early in the Beattie Government.

With the departure of Steve Buckland as Director-General of the Department of Health, that position will be filled on an acting basis by Uschi Schreiber, who was formerly Deputy Direct General in the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


The date of the by-elections for the seats of Redcliffe and Chatsworth will be the 20th of August.

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