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NSW Budget 2008-09

June 2008

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Treasurer Michael Costa today announced the Iemma Government’s 2008-09 budget, delivering a surplus of $268 million - NSW’s 13th consecutive budget surplus.

The 2008-09 budget is marked by the State’s significant investment of $13.9 billion in infrastructure. The ‘lion’s share’ of this funding went to transport, with $106 million for the recently announced North West Metro, $64 million for the South West Rail Link, $353 million to continue the Rail Clearways program and $1.8 billion for new road construction.

The Treasurer also announced $140 billion will be spent over the next decade on the State Infrastructure Strategy, the details of which will be announced next week.

Significant budget initiatives include:


The Government will cut taxes by $344 million in 2008-09, including:


$13.9 billion for the State’s infrastructure in 2008-09 including:

Major capital works projects include:


$13.15 billion for health including:

$839.5 million for health infrastructure including:

Minister Meagher also indicated 2 public private partnerships will begin construction this year.

$1.1 billion for mental health including:


$3.75 billion for public transport including:



$4 billion for roads including:


$11.8 billion on education including:

Industrial Relations

$22.6 million on industrial relations, including;


$797 million for Attorney General’s including:

$1 billion for Corrective Services including:

$169 million for juvenile justice including:


$2.4 billion on police, including:

Community Services

$1.35 billion for community services including:

Ageing and Disability Services

$2.024 billion for the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care in 2008-09 including:


$803.9 million for housing including:

Primary Industries and Mineral Resources

$467 million for primary industries including:

State and Regional Development

$185.9 million for state development including:


$74.373 million for youth including:

Aboriginal Affairs


$3.5 billion Budget for electricity infrastructure and energy rebates, including:


$1.9 billion will be invested through Sydney Water for water infrastructure, including:

Country water infrastructure funding includes:

Ports and Waterways

Climate Change and Environment

$986 million is allocated to the environment budget including:

Emergency Services

$872 million for emergency services including:

Fair Trading

Planning and Lands


$250 million for Arts including:

Gaming and Racing

$15.2 million for the Department of Gaming and Racing including:

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