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Australia 2020 Summit:
Initial Summit Report

April 2008

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As I am sure everyone knows the Australia 2020 Summit was held over the weekend. 1000 Australians gathered in Canberra to help shape a long term strategy for our nation’s future. There is extensive coverage of the outcomes in today’s newspapers.  As a result, we thought you might be interested in a short summary of the ‘top ideas’ included in the Initial Summit Report. The Prime Minister has said the Government will respond to the ideas proposed by the end of the year.

You can find a copy of the full report here - http://www.australia2020.gov.au/report/index.cfm

The Productivity Agenda

“Australia will maximise its wealth, excellence and equity by driving up productivity growth to the leading edge of developed countries..” The Top Ideas identified are:

Future of the Australian Economy

“Australia should be the best place in the world to live and do business.  This will require urgent action to increase economic capacity through the creation of a truly national, efficient, sustainable and inclusive economy supported by seamless regulation”.  The ‘top ideas’ put forward are:

Population, Sustainability, Climate Change, Water and the Future of our Cities
“Our aspiration is that by 2020 Australia is the world’s leading green and sustainable economy”.  Top ideas put forward are:

Future Directions for Rural Industries and Communities

“The development of strategies for fostering food security and the future sustainability and productivity of remote, rural and regional Australia has been the focus of summit discussions”.  Top ideas presented are:

A Long-Term National Health Strategy

“By 2020 Australia will support the health of all Australians at all stages of life…have a health system structured around the person rather than the provider…have a health policy focused on prevention…be a world leader in research and translation, and have “One Health System”.  Top ideas put forward are:

Strengthening Communities and Supporting Working Families

“The stream imagines Australia in 2020 as a diverse and respectful society that provides all people with security and opportunity”.  Top ideas are:

Options for the Future of Indigenous Australia

“Ambitions for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are that they will be able, productive, confident, proud and independent contributing members of society”.  Top ideas in the report include:

Towards a Creative Australia: The Future of the Arts, Film and Design

“We will aim to double cultural output by 2020”.  Top ideas include:

Australian Governance

The participants of the Australian Governance stream set forth the ambition of a new Australian republic…”  Top ideas put forward are:

Australia’s Future Security and Prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world

“Three ambitions for 2020…to foster a reputation as an effective global citizen, reinvigorate and deepen our engagement with Asia and the Pacific, and ensure that the major languages and cultures of our region are no longer foreign to Australians…”  Priority themes developed include:

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