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Summary of NSW Government response to the NSW Jobs Summit

April 2009

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On February 26-27, the NSW Government held a meeting of 300 business and community leaders in Sydney called the NSW Jobs Summit.

The purpose of the summit was for the NSW Government to hear first-hand the challenges posed by the global financial crisis and to develop new policies aimed at ameliorating the economic downturn.

On 6 April the NSW Government posted a formal response to the summit, announcing a host of spending commitments and proposed changes to governance arrangements in NSW.  Many of these announcements are important to understand in the context of the Government’s priority to ensure State and Commonwealth funds are effectively spent within the due timelines.

The spending commitments listed below are the first detailed announcements of how and where the proposed $56.9 billion in infrastructure spending will go in the next four years.

The NSW Department of State and Regional Development will be the bureaucracy principally responsible for delivering on the agreed outcomes of the NSW Jobs Summit.

For the full NSW Government 40 page detailed response please click here.

Overview of key commitments from the NSW Jobs Summit

$70 million Major Investment Attraction Fund

Supporting struggling communities in regional NSW

Future Commitments

Key Reforms to Planning

Establishment of Planning and Approvals Chief Executive Group who will:

Establishment of a Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Group

Project Delivery Managers
Teams of Project Delivery Managers will be the single point of contact for proponents for all development approval matters.  These managers will coordinate referrals and concurrences with relevant government agencies and will ensure project deadline are met:
Their key performance indicators are:

Other Important Changes to Governance Arrangements in NSW


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