NSW Transport Administration Amendment Bill 2010

7th June 2010

On 2 June the Transport Administration Amendment Bill 2010 was passed by the NSW Parliament. 

This Bill will make several changes to the governance arrangements dictating transport operations and transport policymaking in NSW.

Transport involves a significant portion of the NSW budget, in 2009-10 the Government invested $7.1 billion in operating and expanding the NSW public transport system and $4.4 Billion in maintaining and upgrading the road network.

Key initiatives of the bill

Four key objectives of the Bill

1.       Create an integrated approach to the delivery of transport services and infrastructure that results in public sector agencies delivering what is best for the community rather than their own set of priorities.

2.       To better coordinate the delivery of transport services to ensure budgets and resources are allocated to community priorities and can be shifted effectively to community needs.

3.       To enhance the accountability of the public sector agencies to deliver the transport services and infrastructure the community deserves through prioritisation of strategic targets and commitments of the portfolio, and ensuring greater focus on the customer and a more “results driven” culture.

4.       To ensure that safety for passengers, employees, and the community remains a top priority by enabling the independent safety regulator to assist the Director General in relation to bus and rail safety.

The full copy of the Bill is available here:



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