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Supplementary Budget Estimates 17th November 2013
Election Timetable and Caretaker Conventions 4th August 2013
The South Australian 2013-14 Budget 5th June 2013
ACT Budget 2013-14 4th June 2013
Tasmanian Employment Incentive Scheme 2nd June 2013
National Cloud Computing Strategy 29th May 2013
National Food Plan 27th May 2013
Tasmanian Budget 2013-14 22nd May 2013
Budget 2013-14: Health 15th May 2013
Budget 2013-14: Infrastructure 14th May 2013
The 2013-14 Federal Budget Overview 13th May 2013
Victorian State Budget Reply 8th May 2013
2013 Defence White Paper 5th May 2013
National Disability Insurance Scheme 30th April 2013
The 35th Meeting of COAG 21st April 2013
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) 16th April 2013
Superannuation Reform 4th April 2013
Parliamentary Committee Inquiries March 2013 27th March 2013
Gillard Ministry Reshuffle March 2013 24th March 2013
Department and Secretaries List 7th February 2013
Lower Houses Sitting Calendar (February – July 2013) 20th January 2013
Parliamentary Committee Inquiries 13th December 2012
The 34th Meeting of COAG 9th December 2012
Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill 2012 25th November 2012
Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission 15th November 2012
Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2012-13 22nd October 2012
NSW Shadow Ministry Update 18th October 2012
Fair Work Act Review Update 14th October 2012
The 2011-12 Final Budget Outcome 23rd September 2012
Northern Territory Election Guide 2012 16th August 2012
The 33rd Meeting of COAG 25th July 2012
Lower Houses Sitting Calendar (July – December 2012) 22nd July 2012
Agency Snapshot: The Australian National Preventative Health Agency 22nd July 2012
National Priority List for Infrastructure 17th July 2012
Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record 25th June 2012
ACT Budget 2012-13 5th June 2012
Tasmanian Budget 2012-13 17th May 2012
Budget 2012-13: Small Business 10th May 2012
Reform of Australia’s Aged Care Sector 8th May 2012
Budget 2012-13: Infrastructure 8th May 2012