Government Relations / Lobbying

Hawker Britton provides high level government relations advice and government lobbying to companies and organisations.

We offer an unrivalled level of expertise in Federal government lobbying and Territory and State government lobbying, as well as advising companies on issues, policies, and commercial matters related to Australian State, Territory and Federal governments.
Hawker Britton’s directors and consultants include former ministerial advisers and parliamentarians. Our government lobbyists and government relations advisers have an in-depth understanding of the bureaucracies, policy development and procedures of Australia’s governments.

Through our offices in key capital cities across Australia and in Canberra we are able to assist clients with government lobbying and expert advice related to Federal government, State government or Territory government matters.

The Canberra office advises on ACT government and Federal government issues and our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are expert government lobbyists and advisers in relation to State and Territory governments.

Hawker Britton's services include research and analysis, strategic advice, government lobbying and preparing submissions.

We advise clients from a range of industries, including telecommunications, aviation, mining, manufacturing, construction, professional services and peak bodies.

Hawker Britton can assist clients with government relations in areas including:

  • Government lobbying on issues and policies
  • Government policies and policy development
  • Submissions to government on political, regulatory or legislative issues
  • Major infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Government tenders and contracts
  • Construction and development proposals
  • Proposals for new projects
  • Requests for government funding or support
  • Environmental issues
  • Grant applications
  • Foreign investment in Australia